Thursday, November 28, 2013

Facebook Status

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are enjoying this day with your family and friends.


I found this website that takes your old Facebook statuses and creates new ones out of the old. It's kind of entertaining.

  • Im so cute and pretzel gold fishies, m&ms, a pepsi, and Bacon!
  • Little Brat. Well I was a spider on the side of the side of school early for every question for me
  • and i have fantastic softball catching skills…
  • Actually, I tripped running in the bachelor, watch it
  • Shannon your legs look like her.
  • Days of trying to take pictures of your closet, composes a womens seminar on marriage.
  • Canadians frustrate me!!
  • Teaching Syd how to go somewhere other then Starbucks

I got elected to be secretary for campus ministries! What is campus ministries? It's like campus crusade or any other christian club/organization on a college campus. That's right. I spent my entire junior and senior year avoiding church and once I get to college I hold an office for a christian club on campus. College does weird things. 

Trying to describe "Franks and Beans"during the game catch phrase at campus ministries thanksgiving meal.

Megan: It's another name for a hot dog and also its my dads name.
Pastors Wife: Weiner?
Megan: What?! No, that is not my dads name.

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