Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've really enjoyed this fall.
The weather hasn't been to cold and I've done lots of seasonal things! I went to a corn maze, attended Halloween parties, decorated pumpkins, watched Halloween themed movies(Hocus Pocus and Halloween town), made caramel apples, and watched all of Roseanne's Halloween themed episodes.

Whenever I go to a party that has dancing I always feel out of place.
I blame that on the fact that my school dances never allowed grinding.
I do not understand how grinding your ass on some random guys junk is considered dancing. 
Damn christian school.
Maybe, Id be a pro and think that this kind of "dancing" was cool if it was allowed.

My friends make fun of me, but they have saved me from tons of random guys trying to "dance" with me.
Kennedy either pretends to be my pissed off boyfriend or Sammie gets behind me instead(not for I can grind on her. fyi)
"Did you see that creepy guy behind you? That's why I insisted we needed a refill" 

These two out crazy me every time I go out with them.
I'm not use to that, but I enjoy the challenge.
They are the people that my mother warned me about.
It's nice being the "innocent" one for once.

I was walking to the gas station with some friends.
A guy walked past us in torn clothes, covered in blood, and was crying on the phone.
We all figured that it was a Halloween costume and that he was at the emotional drunk stage.
We could not be more wrong.
All of a sudden we see police cars and an ambulance pull up next to the guy.
Apparently, he had gotten beaten up at some party.
I felt bad for him.

My lungs were innocent until my senior year in high school.
Smoking never really appealed to me and I hated the smell.
Then I went to college and my lungs deserve my apology.
Hookahs and swishers have taken me to the dark side.
I'm still not a fan cigarettes and I consider smoking to be extremely unattractive.
Go figure.
If you would have told me a year ago I would be doing this, I would not have believed you.

So when I am not studying, going to the occasional party, hanging out at the smokers corner, and avoiding guys that want to be grinded on, I bake cupcakes with my friends.

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