Friday, November 22, 2013

High School

In high school I didn't study much, I valued fun over homework, and I probably could have done better. Do I regret how I spent high school now that I am in college?

Hell no.

When is the next time that I will be able to spend 5 days every week goofing off with my best friends? When will I be able to frivalously spend money on food and random adventures and not worry about how I am going to pay my bills? When is the next time I will be able to live a care-free life and focus on just myself?

Sure, I could have picked up better study habits. I could have tried to get a 4.0 and spent my weekends studying. Instead, I have four years of memories that I will always cherish. I will never again have that life I had in high school. I'll never be that person again.

I'm stressed, my grades make or break my major, and I am in debt already.

I really am missing high school.

At the same time I really love college.

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