Friday, November 1, 2013

Homecoming 2013

My first college homecoming came at a perfect time.
It occurred right after a stressful week of midterms, which meant that I needed to let loose.

It all started on thirsty Thursday.
Hypnotist show, pre-graming with my suite mates, hanging out at the smokers corner, walking with a group of drunk people that I didn't know, trying to prevent a fight to occur people strangers, helping a girl find her I.D. after dropping it while peeing in some random person's bushes, introducing Jonah to Erberts and Gerberts, and somehow ending up in my bed around 2ish.
Friday night I was set on not going out, because I had stuff to get done.
Sammie was not hearing it and insisted I join her.
We ended up at a frat house by 8:30pm.
Kennedy went outside to puke and never returned.
Sammie called him and found out he was trying to walk to La Crosse.
After finding him and dragging him back to the dorms he proceeded to fall asleep in my bed...again.

A few hours passed, he puked, and woke up wanting to leave.
So I spent an hour attempting to find his damn room key, stopping an RA from ticketing him, and I eventually left him in David's room.
Who is David?
No clue.

On Saturday morning I had to wake up early for the parade.
I am part of UPAC and we made a mini-island float.

Some people put more effort into their floats...

I decided to spend my night watching Netflix until a girl I met at bible study invited me to go out.
I hung out with her for a while and when I returned to my dorm room, Janine told me that she was moving out!
That was the best part of my weekend!

First college homecoming. Check.

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