Monday, November 18, 2013

Twin Cities

Luke and I decided that we needed to head to the cities.
We officially live in Minnesota and it was time to branch out past Winona.

My cousin and her girlfriend live in Minneapolis and we decided to get lunch with them.
What was suppose to be an hour long thing went on for three hours!
I guess I can't complain.
We had a good time and Luke wants to take them up on their offer to stay longer next time.

Our next stop was the Mall of America!
We both do not like malls or shopping.
So I am not sure why we thought that was a good idea.
It took us a good 30 minutes to find a parking spot.
Then some guy asked if he could jump his car.
When we tried to start my car it wouldn't turn on!
We let it sit for ten minutes and then it finally worked.
I still can't explain that one, but I blamed Luke since he was driving.

We ate at Dick's Last Resort.
They create hats for you to wear and the waters/waitresses make fun of everyone.
Our waitress threw napkins and straws at us.
She sat on our table when talking with us.
It was a good time.
We were seated on the second floor and would shoot the paper from our straws at the table below us.
I highly suggest eating at that place!

We then hit up a comedy show.
Josh Wolf, a comedian on Chelsea Lately, was performing!
I was so excited to see him.
He was hilarious!

On our way back to Winona, Luke got us pulled over.
Apparently, not following the speed limit is frowned upon.
The officer let us go with a warning and we continued on our way singing to 80s music.

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