Sunday, November 24, 2013

You Don't Have Later

Sorry for all the posts about death.
It has just been on my mind recently and this is the place where I vent.
If you have read my recent posts you know that my friend Ciera died on November 16, 2013. Her friend was driving, they took a sharp turn, and ended up rolling the car multiple times. Neither of the girls were buckled up and passed away at the scene. 

She had a fight with her Dad on Friday night and stormed out of the house.
That's the last time her Dad would see her alive.

I can't wrap my mind around that.

People always think that they have time.
When really you have no idea how much time you have to apologize, to chase a dream,  or even time to  spend with people you love.

Thirteen days before Ciera died her cousin wrote this on her Facebook page.
Those girls had no clue that in thirteen short days one of those girls would die.
Nothing lasts forever and life is no exception.

Twelve days before she died this was Ciera's Facebook status.
No one should feel unimportant.
I wish I would have messaged her and told her how important she was.
Instead, I continued scrolling down the page.
Completely ignoring her.

She got that tattoo.
"I will always stand by your side"
Her tattoo has even more meaning even though she isn't physically standing by our side.
She will never have the chance to see that tattoo on her aging skin nor will she ever age past the age of 18.

No one knows when there time is up.
Stop thinking that you will accomplish your goals, chase your dreams or talk to someone later.
You may not have a later.

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