Wednesday, December 31, 2014


How has another year gone by in a blink of an eye?

If you had told me that 2014 would have gone like this, I don't think I would have believed you. It's been a good year, but it's not what I thought this year would be like.

  • I changed schools, but kept the same major. I decided that graduating with a ton of debt was not worth it and that I wanted to do more with my life in the next three years, besides go to school. So I left Winona State for a technical college and I'm very happy with that decision. I forgot what it's like to have money and I have so much more time on my hands. I'm grateful for my experience at a 4-year college!

  • I went from not having a job in Winona to having three back home. It's been an adjustment learning to balance school, work, and my social life. It's worth it! I'm saving up for a big summer trip and that involves working a lot. I also get to hang out with two adorable 4 year olds a few days a week and it has been great birth control. I'm already annoyed with constantly having to move around car seats. 

  • My relationship/not-relationship with Luke fizzled out at the beginning of 2nd semester. Which was good, because when I came home from college and met Andy. I was definitely not looking for a relationship, but six months later I am really happy. Andy also introduced Victoria and I to his friends who have become our party group.

  • I got the priviledge of having two amazing roommates. Shandell was my roommate during my second semester of freshmen year at Winona. Victoria moved into my parents house with me for our first semester of our sophomore year. These girls are a lot a like, which means I pretty much know what to look for personality wise if I ever need to find another roommate. I had/have so much fun living with those girls! I feel bad for people that have never lived with their best friend. It's a good time!

  • I spent the summer partying, working, and just living life. I got to house sit for two weeks which was a blast, I attended a wedding with Andy, I experienced my first car meet, and got myself in a mess with my friends Dad...and mom. It was an interesting summer to say the least.

  • I had two good semesters of college and I'm well on my way to becoming a nurse. I feel confident in my choice for my major, which is great, because a year ago I was questioning my decision. 

  • My grandmother passed away in December. That was probably the hardest part of the year for me. She was the only grandparent I ever got to meet. She was an amazing grandmother who taught me a lot and I miss her every day. On the bright side, almost all of my extended family came to town for the funeral and I loved being able to see them all!
I'm in Florida ending the year on a fantastic note! I'm sad to see 2014 go, but I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas ya filthy animal" that movie quote!

Victoria and I sent out Christmas cards of our own this year with our little family.
If you haven't gotten one it's on its way, I didn't think you would appreciate the humor, your parents would judge hard core, I don't know you personally, or I forgot.

I hope you all have a great holiday season!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


My lovely Grandmother arranged for a family dinner to occur after her death.
She knew the importance of family and family get togethers seem to occur farther and farther apart as time goes on. So all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren got together to celebrate her life. Which was a great idea, but it was the beginning of a very long weekend.

This family dinner was at a bar/reception hall. 
Bars and our family tend to lead to some good stories.
I just didnt realize that I would become the story at this event.

I managed to get down 10 drinks without even realizing it.
My mother thinks I have reached alcoholic status.
I was buzzed when I left the bar with Julie, Gina, and my sister.
I handed over my keys to Julie while I managed to find a bottle of alcohol in my car.

(R to L: Me, Gina, and Julie)
Gina, my cousin who is 31 and still parties like a rock star, wanted to stop by a bar on the way back, but Julie put the kabosh on that idea.
Instead, we headed straight to my Aunt Karen's(Gina's mom) house.
A little back story on my aunt: Love her to death, but she loves order, cleanliness, and perfection. Gina is very much the black sheep of her family.

They took my alcohol away when I managed to get mud on my Aunt Karen's stairs,
Gina tried to get me to drink water, but I kept dropping the cup.
So I managed to break two plastic cups and get mud on the carpet of my Aunt's steps.

The night just got better when my Aunt Karen, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Leon, and Uncle Dan showed up at the house. Apparently, I was the entertainment for the night and I was hilarious.
Any good girl reputation that I had built up over the years was ruined in a single night.
Surprisingly, my aunt just laughed off the mess I made and made Gina clean it up.
I'm sure Gina was just glad that she finally had someone to make her look less bad.

Gina and Julie brought me home and was welcome by my roommate in a robe.
I insisted on multiple group hugs and they finally left me dead on my bed with an advil and a bottle of water on the night stand. 

The next morning was my Grandmother's funeral. 
I'm pretty sure I was still drunk for the majority of it.
I was sure the hot topic that morning and I'd like to believe that I added some comedy to what otherwise would have been a sad day.
On Sunday morning, our hot water heater went out and we were forced to find an alternative.
Victoria attempted to take a cold shower, but failed.
I texted Andy and told him that we were coming over to take a shower.
Victoria went in her robe and I went in my pajamas.
We arrived and Andy wasn't home....his mom was.
She laughed at us and let us use the shower.

That night I dragged Julie to dinner at our cousin Cody's apartment.
Dinner turned into a party.
I was a little worried that she wouldn't like our friend group, but I think she did okay.
She went from not wanting to drink to downing a few shots.

Sarah even called me out of the blue and ended up joining us!
Everything was going fine, until Victoria drank a little too much and got in a fight with a guy she was a very complicated relationship with.
I flipped a lid when I heard what happened and cussed Connor out.
I was pretty sober, but I don't even remember what I said to him, because I was so pissed off.
Victoria was a mess and it was time to go.

We went to drop Julie off and Victoria insisted she had to puke.
Guess where Julie was spending the night?!
My Aunt Karens!!
I physically had to prevent Victoria from puking in my Aunt's drive-way.
We then drove a block and she had to puke again.
I didn't care about who's yard she was puking in that time.

That was the first time I have ever seen Victoria puke after drinking.
I have never gotten drunk at a family event.
My poor cousins from out of state probably think we are alcoholics.
What a perfect weekend for the Rae and Victoria shit show to come to town.
Thank goodness that Julie loved Victoria and she has to love me.

I'm sure my Grandmother was proud...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Grandmother

My Grandmother passed away on December 15. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's for almost two decades. About a week before her death she went into kidney failure, because of the Alzheimer's. She was surrounded by family 24/7 that entire week before she passed away. I loved seeing my family come together like that for our matriarch. She was the only grandparent of mine that I got to meet. She impacted me in ways that she will never know. She was kind and loving, but a little spitfire at the same time. I loved hearing all of the stories about how she impacted someones life or a cute story about something she did. 
I'm proud to call her my grandmother.
I can only hope that I become half the woman/wife/mother/friend/daughter/grandmother that she was.
I know you're having a blast in heaven.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z

My life has been so hectic this semester, but I've loved every minute of it!
Everything just feels in place in my life and it's a great feeling.

Last week I went to the Children's Museum with Sam. 
She was the cutest firefighter I've ever seen!

I bought Boot's new Christmas pajamas!
He outgrew (He packed on a few pounds) his old pajamas and it was time for some new ones.
Isn't he adorable!

I also complained about how my mom never gave us St.Nick presents. 
I came home to this....
She didn't have enough stockings for Victoria, but a bag was a good substitute!
We got coal (candy meant to look like coal).
Thanks mom!

Andy's mom is on vacation and he had a huge party on Saturday night. I got to be the designated driver that night, but I still had fun. I really like the girlfriends of Andy's friends and spent the majority of the time hanging with them. They weren't drinking either so we were in the same boat. 

This is Andy coming to my rescue.
My stuff was in this room, but it was preoccupied.
He thought I was kidding until he started eavesdropping...
He failed at his rescue attempt.

Poor Selner was having a rough night and decided to drink his problems away.
Unfortunately, his girl troubles seemed to get worse the more he drank.
Go figure.

This is the address of the house Beyonce and Jay Z are in a bidding war over.
It's only on the market for 85 million!
So if you're ever in Beverly Hills you can be all stalkerish.
You're welcome,

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I am one of the most awkward people at family events. You would think, that after 19 years of these people being in my life, I would have finally gotten my shit together and learned how to carry on a conversation with them. I'm still in the "smile(or fake laugh) and nod" phase. Family means a lot to me though. I desperately want a good relationship with my extended family, but I really struggle with it. That's why I'm so glad for the family that I was not born into, but that I chose. 
Knowing that a person was not obligated to interact with you, but instead chose you to be in their life is an amazing feeling. 
I always wanted a big family and I'm finally realizing that I do have one.
And to end on a none sappy note...

Family is forever. So you're stuck with me for the rest of your lives, bitches!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanksgiving involved brunch at Andy's grandma's house, lunch at my aunts house, and dinner at his other grandparents house. I perfectly planned my eating plan and never felt overly full the entire day. It was fantastic! I somehow got invited to brunch with Andy's mom, his aunts, and a few cousins on Black Friday. The brunch was a lot of fun. I got invited to cousins night in, which was really nice of them. I think his side of the family likes me! I didn't get any pictures of us together, sadly.

Short Asians can easily be confused for small children
Liv: Why isn't that kid in bed?
Katelyn: Liv, that's just an Asian midget.

The first friend of mine that Andy's mother met and this occurred...
Victoria: The only thing I remember saying to her was, "Want to take a shot with me?"

The sad story of a poor college student.
Sarah: Do you know that the dollar stores sells meat? I found out because I ran out of my meal plan and I have five weeks of school left.

When there is a parrot at a party...
Victoria: Yo man there was like some random tropical ass bird there.
Rae: You mean a parrot?
Victoria: Oh yeah....a parrot.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Guys

My college experience this year has been so different compared to last years.
Last year I was drinking at frat parties, living in the dorms/library, and constantly meeting new people.
This year I live at home with one of my best friends, I drink at my house or my other friends homes, and I pretty much stick to hanging out with people I know.

It's been an interesting adjustment, but I'm really happy with my life right now. So I guess that change wasn't a bad change!

I must say that Andy's friends(and Andy himself) have become my go-to guys and have really made my life a lot more fun. 
When I'm craving a party I call up Andy and ask if the guys are up for a good time.
I'm constantly getting the most random snapchats from them or getting invited to join in on their weird shenanigans. 

I've never had a lot of guy friends and I'm really wishing I would have.
They are always introducing me to new things and I've felt like we have been friends forever.

So next time any of you want to go blow shit up, go muddin', or have a garage party these guys are the ones to call. 

Even though I end up leaving the next morning feel not the greatest....
It's totally worth it!
You know you're comfortable with people when you don't care that your make-up is smeared and your hair is a mess the next morning. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Food for Thought

 I have an addiction to Tumblr and I'm not afraid to admit it. The site can really open your eyes to a lot of things and I'm constantly running across bits of information or ideas that just blow my mind.

The majority of the things I post are about feminism. So I had to include at least one thing regarding that topic. Enjoy the nipples!

If you don't understand what this picture is trying to get across I feel very sad for you, but I'd be glad to have a nice long chat about it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Alcoholic Roommate

You guys I'm living with an alcoholic and it is exhausting!
Here favorite things to say are, "Shots! Shots! Shots!" or "I need to be drunk right now!"

Victoria: McDonald's is amazing. They throw in a free hat with your order!

I literally had to stop her from knocking on the doors of semi trucks one night. That will be the last time we eat at the truckstop! She also tried to free the cows in a parked trailer. I'm pretty sure she would have been thrown in jail or shot by a truck driver if I had not stopped that idea.

To be honest, I can't wait to see where this girl is in 30 years. 
I'm sure she will be doing something amazing in a foreign country and making my life look mediocre.
I don't mind being her sidekick at this point in life, because I really never know what each day will be like. I just want to know how we went from best friends on the playground in 1st grade to drinking wine as roommates in college. 

After walking up the steps:
Victoria: I just climbed Mt.Everest and I didn't even take a selfie!

After drunk ordering at the truckstop:
Victoria: I can totally afford this! It's only $28 and I ate like a queen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I spend three days a week being a slave/chauffeur to a four year old and some days I get an additional four year added to the mix. Some days I leave needing a stiff drink and wanting to schedule the surgery to get my tubes tied and other days I love getting to be a kid again.

I was downloading music onto my iPod and I realized that none of them were "Sam" friendly. The majority of the songs on my iPod are not "Sam" friendly either. I think a song is okay for a four year old until a swear word gets sung and I scramble to change the song. When did that word get there? I honestly have gotten so use to swear words and inappropriate song themes that I'm shocked to hear them in a song I've listened to multiple times. I pretty much need to create a specific playlist for our car rides together. That playlist can only include girl singers, because that is what Sam prefers.

Some of my favorite conversations with the little spitfire...

After I said we couldn't go to Target
Sam: We are not best friends anymore, but tomorrow we will be again.

Being called out on my road rage
Sam: Who are you yelling at?
Me: The driver of the car in front of us.
Sam: Why?
Me: They do not know how to drive.
Sam: And you are trying to tell them?
Me: Yes.
Sam: I don't think they can hear you.
Me: I don't think they can either.
Sam: So you're really just yelling at yourself.
Me: .....You are right.

My new custody arrangement
Sam: We decided that you can live with me during the week and Ilia on the weekends.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random Ramblings

Being a nursing major is hard work, but I definitely think that it is the right major for me. I actually enjoy working with cadavers and being able to study the human body. It's fascinating how many things work together to do a simple task. I went from working with the cadaver  and then heading straight to work. Fyi, the chick that just handed you your cups was just touching a dead body. Isn't that a fun thought?


I am once again sick. I'm starting to get nervous that I'm becoming a hypochondriac. My immune system has apparently decided to stop working the past few months. Ebola better stay far away from Wisconsin, because I will most likely get it.
I hate my job at Pizza Ranch. It has been almost a daily occurrence where one manager will tell me to do one thing and not long after I will get yelled at, by another manager, for doing exactly that. Pizza Ranch managers need to get their shit together. Feel free to tell that to the next one you encounter. Also, I have worked there for 2 1/2 years and I've only gotten one raise. It was a pathetic raise too. I show up on time, I do my job, I pretend to care about annoying ass customers, and apparently that means nothing, No wonder they are constantly looking for new employees and have a huge turnover rate.

Unfortunately, I like most of the people I work with and I have a ton of flexibility. So I'll probably stay, but if you hear in the news about a Pizza Ranch employee that totally lost her shit and went crazy, that will be me, probably after I got yelled at by one manager for doing something that another manager told me to do.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A few days ago, one of my best friends mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. She had no suspicion before her yearly mammogram. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. The sooner you catch it, the greater chance of beating it. Health care professionals debate whether you should start getting mammograms at 40 or 50, but my friends mom is only 44. She could feel no lumps and the mammogram allowed the doctors to diagnose the cancer at stage 1, otherwise she would not have even known she had cancer. Go get checked!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I have become that girl who spends almost all of her free time with her boyfriend. :/

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but I really dislike it when girls have no life outside of their relationship. My dilemma (Yes, I have a dilemma regarding hanging out with my boyfriend too much. Don't judge me) is that I really like his group of friends and we hang out with them a lot. Their party style is the same as mine, they have similar senses of humor, they know how to have fun, I never have to buy my own alcohol/food, there has never even been a threat of the cops showing up, and I get along really well with all of their girlfriends. It is literally a perfect situation, except for the fact that I'm always with Andy and his friends and rarely with my own.

So please forgive me if I have not seen you in a while. It takes only 10 minutes to get to everything I mentioned above and after a long week of work and classes that's about all my lazy ass wants to drive.

I should also add that I like to hang out with Andy when it is just the two of us. I made it sound like I only use him for his friends, but we always have a good time when it is just us.

Weekend Recap:

I feel like a redneck every time I go to a party with Andy and his friends. They come up with some of the most random things to do. They wanted to play beer pong, but there wasn't any ping pong balls, so they used acorns. Who thinks of that stuff?
They buy cheap and junky cars for the sole purpose of destroying them.
There "new" junk car was used in a game of Car vs. Four wheeler.
Two people (a driver and a shooter) would ride around on the four wheeler and the goal was to pelt the car on one side. The driver of the car had to maneuver the car in order to avoid being shot on that side. That involved lots of drifting and driving erratically. 
It was such a good time! 

After we ran out of paint balls, the nice trucks and jeeps decided to join us in the field. 
There were a few close calls while drifting and spinning in the cars, but we all survived....this time. 

Two high school girls randomly showed up at this little get together. One of them was one of the guys cousins or something like that? They arrived drunk (Yes, they drove themselves) and then decided to invite some random guys. They should up in a red Jeep and were the only ones to get stuck in the field. Everyone was annoyed with them. The girls finally decided to leave, which was a ridiculous decision because they were wasted. So we took their keys and insisted that we drive them home. The 18 year old said, "I can drink and drive, because I already have a DUI." 
No one, especially people in high school, should be getting DUI's and if you have one it should be a wake up call. I will never understand the stupidity of some people and how they never learn from their mistakes. So I got to be the designated drivers for two random girls.

Besides, the two dumb ass high school girls, it was a great way to spend Friday night. After an entire week of studying it was a great stress reliever.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • My mom came up to me and said, "You need to get a job" after I came home from a long day of working at both of my jobs. That made me feel great, because apparently two jobs doesn't even count as one in my mothers world. 

  • My parents are also mad at me, because I booked a plane ticket to Florida. Apparently, I should be paying for my education instead. Sometimes I wish my parents would just realize that if I lived my life, like they lived theirs, I would be miserable. They haven't been on a vacation in years and they rarely take time off of work. I need adventure in my life and I'm not going to put my life on hold until after I graduate college. 

  • Gilmore Girls is finally on Netflix! I have loved seeing my facebook feed filled with Gilmore Girl related things. Also, it is nice not having to worry about missing disc's or if I'll ever get my Season 1 back from Sarah. I also get the pleasure of introducing so many more people to the lovely town of Stars Hollow and all of the characters that live there. 

  • I tried an anchovy. It was disgusting and I do not recommend it. 

  • I've been struggling between wanting a life that involves traveling and being a free spirit or living a life that involves settling down with a family and a stable job. It's times like these where I wish that reincarnation was real. It wouldn't matter if I couldn't fit everything I wanted into one life, because I would have many more lives to fill with adventure.

  • Can we just talk about what is considered "good" music now days compared to even a decade or two ago? We need to raise our standards, because it is embarrassing to see what is making the charts.

  • I love re-hearing a song that you have long forgotten about. My recent favorite is Hit 'Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell. I know that I completely went against what I was saying in the previous bullet point, but this is way better than Anaconda or whatever Justin Bieber calls music.

  • One of my managers told me that I needed to go home and practice washing windows, because I apparently sucked at it. She wanted me to send her a snap chat of me practicing. I need a new job.

  • My boyfriend is constantly saying and/or texting me the cutest things. I swear that kid has a book called, "Every cute thing a boyfriend needs to say to their girlfriend". I feel bad, but I literally have started to roll my eyes when he starts saying these things, because he says them all the time! He has managed to text me "good morning" every day since we started dating...and sometimes I forget to text him back. Oops. I'm a terrible girlfriend, I know I should really appreciate it, but I suck at coming up with cheesy things to say to him. I got this text the other night out of the blue... 
    • "Good night beautiful. You're the most amazing amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for and I'm extremely lucky to have you. I just want you to know that. :)"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homecoming 2014

I had Friday(besides my class), Saturday, and Sunday off this weekend.
That is a rarity in the food industry.

Victoria and I spent Friday night with the Nimmers. 
We went pontooning and to a shrimp boil!
Afterwards, I went to hang out with Andy and some of his friends. 
Saturday I had to work at the concession stand at my sisters high school (My Alma mater).
It was nice seeing my old teachers, but I could care less about seeing my old classmates.
I loved high school, but I really hate going back to events or just for a visit. 
It was a very eye opening experience.

I then curled my sisters hair for her first homecoming!
Let's just say my sisters high school experience is off to a rocky start.
She didn't have a group of girls to get ready or to hang out with afterwards.
She did meet up with a group of girls for pictures beforehand!

While she was dancing at her first homecoming, I was dancing at Girls night!
I can cross of Sex on the beach and S'more martini off my list of drinks to try.
Sex on the beach was good but the S'more martini(they lite the marshmallow on fire!) was way to sweet for my liking.

I left girls night early to hang out with my sister after the dance.
It has been a tradition to go tping after the homecoming dance since forever.
I felt bad that no one wanted to go with my sister, because they were afraid to get caught.
So I texted Andy my dilemma and he got a group of friends together for me.
In high school, I went tping with high schoolers and she got to go tping with guys in their early to mid 20's, plus her awesome sister(And our dad tagged a long for one house). I think she wins in the cool category.

We finally brought my sister home between 2;30 and 3:00. 
I would say that she had a good time!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rae's Driving School

Welcome to Rae's Driving School!

Warning: Please excuse the language that this driving school instructor tends to use. Sometimes you need to use profanity in order to get your point across.

This post was brought to you by all the asshole drivers that pissed me off today. I literally missed my two exits today, because people do not know how to drive. I hope you find this Driving School informative!

  1. Everyone knows that the "speed limit" is just a suggestion! You are not suppose to go 45mph when the speed limit signs says 45mph. You always need to go at least 5mph over the speed limit or people will get annoyed with you! 
  2. The left lane is for people that know how to drive properly! You do not know how to drive properly if you go the actual speed limit or don't know how to move over when a car is on your ass. It is that simple!
  3. When driving in the right lane you need to be aware of people that are signaling to get into your lane in order to exit. Missing an exit, because some asshole does not know how to make room, does not make for a happy driver. It is not our fault that you are stuck in the right lane, because you think that following the exact speed limit is the way to drive. Unfortunately, exits are on the right side of the road and our paths must cross. 
  4. Do not be that ridiculous person that is on their phone at a red light and does not notice that the light turned green a long time ago! I understanding check your phone while at a stop light but there is no need to update your twitter, facebook, and instagram at one stop light. Horns will be blown and fingers will be flashed if you try to pull this move.
  5. Buicks have the right to go slow, but cars that look like they should go fast, do not. If you decided to spend your money on a car with a lot of horsepower, you better be using it! Every cool point you got when you bought that car is gone when not used properly.
  6. Use your turn signal.  It is one of the easiest parts of driving and if you cannot handle that, you need to walk. I would say bike, but apparently bikes are suppose to use your arms for a turn signal.
  7. Turn off your brights when a car is heading towards you on the opposite lane. Easy enough? 
  8. Always wear your seat belt in a car and a helmet on a motorcycle. You know what we call people that don't follow this rule? Organ donors. 
I hope you learned a lot during this first installment of Rae's Driving School. These eight simple rules will help you determine if you are capable of driving or if you need to go back to your mother carpooling you around town. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween in September

Victoria and I both the day off today.
We decided to spend it on some good ole' fall activities!
We got apple picking, a pumpkin patch and a wagon ride crossed off our fall activities list!

On our way home, Katie called and invited us to go hang out with her parents and their friends at a campground for a few hours. The entire campground was celebrating Halloween in September.
Within minutes of our arrival Katie's dad was handing us shots and making us drinks.
Katie was going to be our designated driver that night so we were all set.

The kids went around and got candy.
The adults went around and got jello shots.

The "nurses" and "doctors" drove around in a golf cart handing out syringes filled with jello or pudding shots.
What a brilliant idea!
 I had three of them. 

We stayed for four hours and finally Katie made us leave.
As we were pulling out of the campsite Katie's mom mooned us.
You know you're beyond wasted when you start mooning your daughter and her friends.

We returned back to our house and I had to chase down Victoria, because she decided to go for a walk. Once I got her inside, she decided to crawl in bed with my parents and cry. She was literally crying about how sad life is. 

No matter how hard life is at least your drunk friend didn't crawl into bed with your parents and cry.
My mom was literally sleeping and was woken up by a drunk college student crawling into her bed.
I cant wait to remind her about this in the morning!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I miss Winona. Here is another almost forgotten post that made me happy and sad at the same time.

There were two different couples saying goodbye in the UPAC office.

Kristin: The PDA in this office is vomit worthy

A typical conversation about our future together.

Rae: You should have a baby.
Shandell: Why?
Rae: I want to cuddle one. We would make awesome parents together!
Shandell: Right? You and I will get custody and Brady will just pay us
Rae: Sounds like a plan.

Ramp vs. Steps

Danielle: Why are you taking the ramp?
Rae: Im avoiding the stairs.
Danielle: There are only four steps.
Rae: Four steps to many.
Danielle: Way to represent America.

Some floor bonding going on...

Scott: They are going to travel around the world and bang in every country!
Hayley: Scott! That was a private conversation.

Gotta love parents.

Shandell: He had a ping pong ball table in the barn and his mom actually thought it was for ping pong.

The perks of having lofted beds

Anna: I need to make a running start to get into my bed.
Hayley: True story! When she's drunk it gets interesting.

Shandell and I should clearly not go out anymore.

Shandell: That one guy contacted me.
Me: What guy?
Shandell: The one that I was "dancing" with when you were making out with that one guy.
Me: We are some classy people.

Future nurses of America

Jordan: I wear blueberry colored scrubs. Sort of like the color of my hair!

Eat before you drink

Random Girl: We are advocating eating before drinking alcohol and thats why we are handing out free food!
Jessica: At least the university isn't in denial that the majority of the people at this concert will be wasted.
Random girl: We are also handing out mocktails! Safe sex on the beach anyone?
Jessica: Any respect I had for this university just left with that offer.

Doors have handles?

Jessica: Did you run into the door?
Kristin: I forgot that there was a handle.
Me: You forgot that there was a handle on a door?
Kristin: It has been a long day.

Phone call after a rough night

Kayla: Can you come pick me up?
Jessica: Where are you?
Kayla: I think the guy said 135 9th st.
Jessica: Honey, we share a backyard with that house.
Kayla: What really? (walks outside) I see our house!

My friend Ashley is getting to the next level with her boyfriend.

Ashley: This is going to be a bad weekend. I get to meet the parents, grandparents, and the scuba diving club.
Rae: You're worried about meeting the scuba diving club?
Ashley: They are a big deal apparently!
Rae: I guess I need to put that on the list of things to be worried about meeting.

Making fun of popular shoes

Dave: Im wearing my sperrys in case a yacht comes to Winona!
Ethan: Im wearing my combat boots in case a war breaks out!

Mood Rings

Sam: Im so cold my mood ring thinks Im stressed

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend with the boys

This past weekend Andy invited me to come up north with him and some of his friends. 
I really like Andy's group of friends and I was excited to go!
Andy's best friend/my 3rd cousin(Small world!) Doug has a cabin and 100 acres about two hours away. 
Doug's parents are loaded so they have a lot of money to spend on "toys". 
They cleared a ton of four wheeler trails for their four wheelers, dirt bike and the Ranger.
There is a zip line, pond, and a floating party barge. 

Connor has an old Toyota Camry and he is getting a new car next weekend.
We took the Camry on the tiny four wheeler trails, launched it off of hills, and did a lot of drifting in the open fields. By the end of the day the entire car was scratched from the branches we hit, the front right light was smashed, and the coolant reservoir was upside down and completely empty when we popped the hood.

On Saturday night we played tag and hide-n-go seek with the dirt bike, two four wheelers, the Ranger, and the Camry. I also shot a gun and went on the zipline!

I honestly have no idea how we all managed to stay alive this weekend.
Everyone was drinking the entire weekend and we had motorized vehicles going all over the place at high speeds.

There were two other girlfriends there and I really got along with them!
Andy has an awesome group of friends! I liked how he could go do his own thing and I felt comfortable chilling with his friends. I can't wait to go back!