Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Sweet Dorm

Last semester a total of 5 girls lived in my suite. I was the only one to return which meant I needed a new roommate! Shandell was also looking for a new roommate and we thought living together would be a blast! Fast forward a few months and here we are! There are two rooms and a bathroom in our suite. We didn't end up getting more roommates, so it is like living in an apartment without the kitchen. Our additional room has been dubbed the "hook-up" room, but so far the only people that have stayed there are drunk girls.

So here is the official room tour for semester #2

The main door to our suite.

Closer view of the white(pink) board.
Here is the pan aroma view of the room. 

View from the door- You can see Shandell's futon and her closet doors.
God has blessed me with messy roommates. I'm sure he is trying to teach me some lesson with this.

The view from my bed

We stole this from the boys hallway.

Shandell's "motivational" wall.

She may have caught me spraying whip cream into my mouth one time!
It has become our little inside joke.

My picture wall.

I'm really glad I was able to live with my best friend here in Winona! Whoever said that you shouldn't live with your best friend was clearly wrong in this case. I think we are going to have a blast this semester!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Size

Remember the movie Life Size with Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan before she went crazy? Apparently, they are make a sequel to the movie. In a recent interview Tyra Banks said, "I'm under contract with Disney and I can't talk about it at all, except that it's coming. But it will be very different, very different. Very modern - a modern take." I burst out laughing when I read "Very modern-a modern take."  Life Size came out in 2000! Sure, that was 14 years ago, but I still consider movies made during that time to be "modern." I felt super old reading that. How can you possibly modernize it? Maybe, make the cellphones all iPhones and update the wardrobe? It's all downhill from here. Im officially feeling old.
Apparently, when Im at school my friend and Mom hang out.
Mom: Hey Honey! I need to go do something, but here talk to Shannon for a bit.
Me: What? Why are you with Shannon?
Shannon: Hello?
Me: Why are you at my house?
Shannon: Well hello to you too!
Me: Answer the question.
Shannon: Im just helping her out.

I think Im going to like my sociology class.
Sociology Professor:We're using scented markers so you can get high off of those instead of regular, boring markers. If you're going to get high, you might as well do it right.

This is how my roommate spends her Friday nights.
Shandell: I want to go to a male strip club. Oh my god! Do you want to go to an adult store? Ive never been to one. Im looking up how to be a stripper. (5 minutes later) It says I have to get into shape. (tosses me a cookie) Looks like you and I cannot be strippers.

I overheard this lovely conversation before my A&P class.
Girl: Will you go out and drink with us?
Professor: Aren't you both minors?
Girl: So?
Professor: (laughs) So thats illegal.
Girl: What about when we are 21?
Professor: I'll think about it.

Shandell was getting ready to go out with her friend.
Destiny: (picks up thong from bin) Is this your headband?
Shandell: No, thats my thong.
Destiny: Lets pretend that didn't happen.

Scott and Lindsey decided to show up in my room drunk one night. 
Scott: We fixed your microwave!
Me: It was never broken….
Scott: Like I said, "We fixed it!"
Me: Of course you did.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Break/New Semester

It feels weird being back at school after a long winter break. I actually cried right before I left home. College has made me an emotional wreck and it freaks my mom out. She is not use to seeing me so emotional. She kept insisting that she was going to send me stuff. I always knew that emotional people tend to get more attention, but I had no idea they got gifts too! I should cry more often in front of people.
Winter break has pretty low key. I slept a lot, hung out with friends, ate way to much, worked, and de-stressed from school.

I even tapped into my domestic side and cooked dinner! I made stuffed shells(pictured above) and bacon cheeseburgers. I made my burgers from scratch compared to the ones my mom buys from the store. They were amazing! Two meals was the end of my cooking days for a while. I tend to get bored easily and when I'm in the middle of making something that tends to be bad.

I went to Burlington for one weekend which was a blast. I once again ate way to much! Luke came to visit and he taught me how to play pool. I actually won a game! 

Sarah's birthday was on my last Thursday in town. She spent a large portion of it on the bathroom floor.   She holds so much against me. I can't wait to pull the "I had to touch your puke" or "I had to hold the bowl you puked in, while holding your head up" card. Sweet revenge! You owe your besties big time young lady!

Shannon and I headed home at around 2:00am (We actually behaved at her party which meant we could drive). Later that day we went to a women's retreat that was overnight. Talk about a total opposite events within a 24 hour period. I was actually dreading going to this, but I actually had a really good time! It was nice spending time with my mom and some women that I grew up with. I was talking with two of the women there about how their children practically made my childhood. College has grown my faith in awesome ways! I never felt like my faith went anywhere all of high school. 

Saturday was a rough day, because I knew I was leaving the next day. I finished packing, asked my mom to cook me a good meal(She made hamburger helper. Thanks for putting in the effort Mom! ha.), and Shannon came over for a bit. She read me a letter that she wrote and I actually had a tear run down my cheek. I think she was surprised, but like I said earlier college has turned me into a mess! I cuddled with my mom and boots the rest of the night. 

I've officially been at school for two days. My schedule is packed for the rest of the semester. I think it is going to be a hard, but fun semester! I have an awesome roommate, I'm continuing to follow my dream of becoming a nurse, and I'm loving life. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today is the birthday of one of my favorite girls. Im pretty sure she thinks that her birthday should be a national holiday, but that's a whole blog post in itself. She has rocked the whole"being an adult" thing and I bet year #2 of being an adult will be just as great.

In honor of Sarah's 19th birthday I have created a list of things I love about her. 
Happy 19th Birthday Sarah!
I wish I could be spending it with you. 

1. She loves her friends 

This girl would literally do anything for the people she loves. Our relationship has had a lot of ups and downs, but she has still managed to show the same love through out it all.

2. She knows how to have a good time.

I have had so much fun with Sarah. She can turn boring events into exciting events. We have so many awesome memories that have stemmed from random things. She helps make my life a good time.

3. She understands the feeling of loving a cat.

Not many people understand what it is like to be in love with a cat, but she does. I love being able to share this obsession with her. It is something that only a few truly understand.
4. She loves country music

Sarah is one of the few people in my life that I didn't have to convert/attempt to convert to a country music lover. It has been such a relief in my life not having to explain the amazingness of country music. 

5. She makes a good partner-in-law

The majority of my shenanigans have involved this girl. It's a real bonding experience between us. I know that she will be a willing participant in a whole variety of things. 

6. Ability to fit

I didn't know how to explain this one. She fits in well with my family, she fits in well in my heart, etc. She may deny this and will have a list of reasons why, but she fits in so many important places and those places are what matter.

7. Her morning routine

I have always been jealous of people that wake up at ridiculous times in order to start their morning routine. Sarah is one of those people. That girl is determined to be put together for the day and I love her dedication to this.

8. She follows her heart

That damn heart sometimes drives me so crazy, but she follows it any way. 

9. She is a kid at heart

Sarah has an ability to go from mature adult to little kid in a flash. I love people that have that ability and are not willing to give up that part of life. 

10. She's a hard worker

She may spend money just as fast as she makes it, but she works hard for it. She has always had a job and she has worked for the majority of the things she has. It's going to get her far in life.

11. She makes time for her friends

She is really good at this and I should probably attempt to learn from her. She is constantly juggling things in order to make time for her friends. Her friends are lucky to have her.

12. Her obsessions

Gilmore Girls.

Im sure there is plenty more that could be added to that list. 

13. Artistic skills

Art class in high school was always entertaining. Her art is either good or a disaster and it's rare to find something in the middle of that. I love sharing this trait with her! I love that she still wants to be a crafty person even with all the evidence that she should find a new hobby.

14. Ability to fight back

I love a good debate and she is someone that I can go back and forth with. It's also a good trait to have in life.

15. Her love for theater

She has a love and that love is theater. She wants to pursue her passion and I couldn't be more proud of her for that. No matter how she uses her love, I know she will be great.

16. Her personality

She once told me that she didn't like her personality. I couldn't disagree with her more, because I love it.   Of course it also drives me crazy, but her personality is what makes her Sarah. She has a crazy personality, but that's one of the many reasons why I love her.

17. She is open to adventure

Take a greyhound bus to Ohio. Check.
Spring break to Florida. Check.
White water rafting. Check.
Skipping school. Check.

18. Her love for TV and movies

She can watch an entire season of a show in a crazy short amount of time. She loves everything from musicals to crime shows. 

19. She's friends with me

It's not always a fun and easy thing to do, but she's still here after all this time.
I don't tell her how much I appreciate her friendship as much as I should, but I really do appreciate it. I couldn't imagine my life without her. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Year in Review- 2013

I feel like I wished for the year 2013 my entire life.
It was the year that I was going to graduate high school, turn eighteen, and go to college.
It's almost gone now and I must say it was one hell of a year.
It brought a lot of change which included some good and some bad change.
High school ended.
Which meant that there was a lot of lasts and firsts.

Semester in high school.
Study hall with Mrs.King.
Classes together with people Ive spent the past 4 years with
School dances.
Softball season.
Leaving early for class and instead going to Starbucks.

Spring Break
Living in a new state
Attending a school without my best friend(s)
First college semester

It took me forever, but I finally picked out the major things that happened every month this year. I did not think it would be this long, but oh well!
  • January brought the end of my first semester of senior and the beginning of my last semester of high school forever. It was the beginning of a year full of firsts and lasts.
  • I rolled my snowmobile for the first time down a hill. I haven't been back on one since. 

  • My glasses broke which meant it was time for a new pair. Jordan tried to use a hot glue gun to fix them, but it didn't really work. Trying to find a new pair of glasses made my mom want to dig out her old glasses. She has some crazy ones! Boots decided to join in on the fun. 
    • I also send pictures of me wearing hideous glasses to my friends. I thought that they would be honest and say they were ugly. That plan failed. Thanks guys.

  • Some of my friends got creative and created Smoothie Friday-Mustache Style! It was a very yummy Friday.
  • My peer ministry group held a dinner fundraiser called Pasta for Piper. We dressed in black and white plus wore ties. I love wearing ties! The fundraiser was a huge success!

  • We decided to crash our schools Snowball dance,and got kicked out. It takes talent to get kicked out of a dance. We also learned that Kayla is a terrible liar.
  • Boys basketball went to state again. They didn't win, but it was a good time. We had to fight underclassmen for our seats. We have had to wait since our freshmen year to get those seats. Annoying underclassmen. 
    • My mom freaked out at a bunch of protesters in Madison. I literally had to hold her back. It was an interesting experience. 
  • My last softball season started.

  • After many plans fell through Sarah and I ended up in Ft.Myers, Florida for spring break. A lot of strange things happened(befriended a prostitute, starting a party by the pool, some old lady named Mary had our back, etc). Overall, we brought back a lot of good memories and burnt earlobes.
  • We finally had our first softball game of the season! It was the beginning of a fun(annoying too) season with some awesome bus rides.

  • My little baby sister turned 13. Which means she finally became a teenager! 

  • May brought a whole lot of fun. Being a senior meant we were just ready to get out of high school and we didn't really care about the school part. 

  • I had my last school dance ever. Prom was a blast and it was a great way to end the era of high school dances. It was bittersweet to see it all come to an end.

  • My home economics class was my favorite class of the semester. We cooked, cleaned, and sewed. It was also my favorite class not to attend and instead I went to Perkins with Kayla.
  • Softball came to an end. We didn't win any games. Which was not a surprise. Our team was a joke and our main goal was to just joke around and have fun. We did have a great time! I still cannot believe I actually managed to stay in softball all four years of high school. It was a constant roller coaster of emotions, but I ended up my softball career in a good way. Unfortunately, I ended the season on 3rd base and I wish I would have been in the outfield.

  • The end of May brought the last day of classes with my girls. 
  • We had our senior day at a park and it rained. We were all freezing, but it ended in a movie day with the senior girls and eventually some senior guys. 
  • Just like that we closed the chapter of our lives entitled, "High School." 

  • Graduation means graduation parties were right around the corner. We had a good time celebrating our graduation. I hung out with people I rarely hung out with in high school. It was a time where we reflected on the past and tried to envision the future.

  • Shannon and I had a joint graduation party. I will probably never stop hearing about how Elisebeth left the next morning. We had a bonfire, went to taco bell, and just enjoyed being young.

  • The day after my graduation party I had to "represent" the softball team at the golf outing. The above picture is me sleeping on the golf course. I think that nap was a good representation of my four years in high school.
  • And the graduation parties continued…..

  • Sydney and I spent the 4th of July on my aunt and uncles boat. Sipping our drinks, floating in the bay, and working on our tan. We eventually made our way to watch fireworks downtown.

  • We continued on with our tradition of attending a christian music festival. We spent the majority of the time in our air conditioned camper spying on our strange neighbors and having water fights.

  • On my 18th birthday I got a tattoo and so did a few of my friends. My dad did not talk to me for two days straight, because he was so mad.

  • I road tripped to Winona with Katie and Sydney. They just loved how I don't like wasting gas on air conditioning in 80 degree weather.
  • I also celebrated Eric and I's two year anniversary. While attempting to find a picture of us for this I could not find a recent one. We do not take many pictures with each other apparently.
  • August started with my last hurrah before my friends and I went our separate ways. I planned a white water rafting trip and camping! 

  • I joined Shannon and her family for a road trip to Spokane,Washington. She is going to school in Spokane and we had to bring all of her stuff. I had a blast with my best friend since childhood! It was hard going different ways in our lives, but I know we will forever be friends.
  • My last night before I left for college I got together with some old(and newish) friends. We spent an hour at Applebee's talking about the present and the future. We then spent another hour in the parking lot reminiscing about the past and of course I had to deal with the waterworks from all of them. 
    • They showed up at 5am the next morning to see me off.

  • I went to a college out of state and I handled it pretty well! I had an entire week to spend before my actual classes started. It was a nice welcome to college.
  • I promised my friend Katie that I would go camping with her for Labor Day weekend. It was one of my favorite weekends with that girl and of course Eric!

  • The rest of September involved meeting new people and experiencing the college life. I also got super overwhelmed, but I made it.
  • I joined two clubs- UPAC and Campus Ministries

  • I also got to experience my high schools homecoming as an alumni. It was nice seeing my girls again, but it reminded me how it was time to move on.

  • In October my crazy moved out of our dorm room and into another. She eventually dropped out of school completely.

  • For Halloween I dressed up as a pirate and froze my ass off.


  • I got to experience my first  college homecoming! I was in the parade representing UPAC. It was a cold and crazy weekend.

  • I broke up with Eric after almost 2 1/2 years of dating. It was weird being single again, but it was also a relief.
  • I really started to bond with my fellow hallmates. We started our Wednesday wings at ZaZa's tradition!
  • Luke and I went to the Mall of America, had lunch with my cousin, and went to see Josh Wolf perform stand-up. 
  • We started dating after that.
  • Andrea came to visit me and she hung out with Luke and I. 
  • My friend Ciera was killed in a car accident.
  • I spent Thanksgiving with my family and then headed over to Sarah's families Thanksgiving. Sydney, Sarah, and I did some shopping that night. I then headed back home to pick up my sister and cousins to continue shopping.

  • The beginning of December was super stressful, because of finals! All I ever did was eat, sleep, and study.
  • I moved into a new room and I got a new roomie!
  • I ended the year by hanging out with friends, attending Christmas parties, and working.
I don't know what 2014 will bring.
I honestly have no idea where I will be, what I will be doing, or the person I will have grown to be.
I just hope 2014 brings just as much to my life as 2013 did.