Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Break/New Semester

It feels weird being back at school after a long winter break. I actually cried right before I left home. College has made me an emotional wreck and it freaks my mom out. She is not use to seeing me so emotional. She kept insisting that she was going to send me stuff. I always knew that emotional people tend to get more attention, but I had no idea they got gifts too! I should cry more often in front of people.
Winter break has pretty low key. I slept a lot, hung out with friends, ate way to much, worked, and de-stressed from school.

I even tapped into my domestic side and cooked dinner! I made stuffed shells(pictured above) and bacon cheeseburgers. I made my burgers from scratch compared to the ones my mom buys from the store. They were amazing! Two meals was the end of my cooking days for a while. I tend to get bored easily and when I'm in the middle of making something that tends to be bad.

I went to Burlington for one weekend which was a blast. I once again ate way to much! Luke came to visit and he taught me how to play pool. I actually won a game! 

Sarah's birthday was on my last Thursday in town. She spent a large portion of it on the bathroom floor.   She holds so much against me. I can't wait to pull the "I had to touch your puke" or "I had to hold the bowl you puked in, while holding your head up" card. Sweet revenge! You owe your besties big time young lady!

Shannon and I headed home at around 2:00am (We actually behaved at her party which meant we could drive). Later that day we went to a women's retreat that was overnight. Talk about a total opposite events within a 24 hour period. I was actually dreading going to this, but I actually had a really good time! It was nice spending time with my mom and some women that I grew up with. I was talking with two of the women there about how their children practically made my childhood. College has grown my faith in awesome ways! I never felt like my faith went anywhere all of high school. 

Saturday was a rough day, because I knew I was leaving the next day. I finished packing, asked my mom to cook me a good meal(She made hamburger helper. Thanks for putting in the effort Mom! ha.), and Shannon came over for a bit. She read me a letter that she wrote and I actually had a tear run down my cheek. I think she was surprised, but like I said earlier college has turned me into a mess! I cuddled with my mom and boots the rest of the night. 

I've officially been at school for two days. My schedule is packed for the rest of the semester. I think it is going to be a hard, but fun semester! I have an awesome roommate, I'm continuing to follow my dream of becoming a nurse, and I'm loving life. 

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