Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Sweet Dorm

Last semester a total of 5 girls lived in my suite. I was the only one to return which meant I needed a new roommate! Shandell was also looking for a new roommate and we thought living together would be a blast! Fast forward a few months and here we are! There are two rooms and a bathroom in our suite. We didn't end up getting more roommates, so it is like living in an apartment without the kitchen. Our additional room has been dubbed the "hook-up" room, but so far the only people that have stayed there are drunk girls.

So here is the official room tour for semester #2

The main door to our suite.

Closer view of the white(pink) board.
Here is the pan aroma view of the room. 

View from the door- You can see Shandell's futon and her closet doors.
God has blessed me with messy roommates. I'm sure he is trying to teach me some lesson with this.

The view from my bed

We stole this from the boys hallway.

Shandell's "motivational" wall.

She may have caught me spraying whip cream into my mouth one time!
It has become our little inside joke.

My picture wall.

I'm really glad I was able to live with my best friend here in Winona! Whoever said that you shouldn't live with your best friend was clearly wrong in this case. I think we are going to have a blast this semester!

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