Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

Katie and I continued on with our tradition of hanging out on New Years Eve.
We never have grand plans, yet it always turns out to be an interesting night.
This year I decided it was about time I included my friends from high school.

The night started out really low key and there was only five of us.
We ate pizza, played a card game, and just hung out.

We watched the ball drop on TV and then the fun started!

Two guys from our high school ended up showing up and they brought along a friend.
I had plans to never see these people again.
They tried getting with all of the girls at the party.
They did not succeed and Kayla even had an epic reaction to one of them

It was a night filled with plenty of things we could use for blackmail against a few people.

Two people from my church showed up. We have known each other since we were all young kids and haven't hung out in years. It was nice to see them, but it's a good thing we don't see each other to often.

It was a mess when time for the three guys from my old high school to leave. One of the guys apparently was popping pills before he came and it was really showing. He was knocking things off end tables, falling over everything, etc. His ridiculous antics resulted in him getting punched by his best friend. The party ended around 5am.

You know it was a good party when someone spends the night next to the toilet...

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