Tuesday, February 25, 2014


At 10pm on Wednesday Shandell and I found out that classes got cancelled for the next day. Apparently, there was suppose to be a huge snow storm coming. We were packed and in the car by 10:30pm. We decided to take advantage of the extended weekend and head home!

My sister and her friend
It probably was not the smartest idea given that a huge snow storm was coming, but we didn't care.
It's normally a pain in the ass driving home, because its mostly a two lane highway and in order to pass slow drivers you have to get in the lane with oncoming traffic. It terrifies me! The nice thing about traveling late at night was that I had to only pass one car on the way back. Except the asshole driving that car turned on his brights once I got in front of him. 

To add to our night we couldn't eat at our Taco Bell because it was closed, there was a bomb threat at a Kwik Trip we stopped at, and my parents thought I was a burglar. If anyone plans on robbing my house late at night go for it. The only people that will stop you are my two half-asleep parents standing at the top of the stairs and my mom insisting that someone walked into the house. Real intimidating.

Friday night I spent with Katie and Chelsey. We had an interesting conversation at Applebee's complete with hand motions, sound effects, and laughs. It's always an interesting night with those two. I probably shouldn't hang out with them in public. 

I was so proud of myself for taking a selfie! This never happens.
Saturday I went snowmobiling! It was the first time in over a year that I got on one. I've been a little freaked out by them ever since I rolled one down a hill. I had fun riding them, but they don't bring me the same joy that they once did.

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I love taking the snowmobile out on the trails by myself. It was so peaceful! I was riding the trails, listening to music, and enjoying the sunset. 

Of course I was missing my girl Shandell. We have separation issues. She gave me hourly updates via snap chat. I kept my favorite of course. What a cutie! haha

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Of course while Shandell and I were gone 4 of our friends got tattoo's on their ass' and a few people got caught (and may get kicked out) drinking in the dorms. This is the second time that I have left and stupid shit always goes down. I think it is a sign that we shouldn't leave.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


*Warning: This post contains a picture of two girls, their thongs, and an ass tattoo that they placed on their public twitter.

Once upon a time….

Four college girls decided it would be a good idea to get lips tattooed on their ass. They decided to do it on one of the girls birthdays. Well, that birthday finally arrived and those four girls went to the tattoo shop. One of the girls thought that a pair of red lips on her ass would not be unique enough and the rest of the girls agreed. So what would they do instead? American flag lips! Of course.

And the college girls lived happily ever after, until they got old and started to regret the lips they tattooed on their ass in college.

I'm so glad that I have the privilege of knowing these people! When I heard about their plan I thought it was a joke, but apparently the joke was on me. Stay classy ladies!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Timeflies Demand List

This year my college is getting Timeflies for our spring concert. I was in the UPAC office going over the contracts and some of the bands demands are ridiculous! I have heard of some celebrities demanding stupid things. Timeflies didn't demand that bad of stuff, but I defiantly rolled my eyes.

Just some of the things on their list:

  • 3 packages of bottled water with the squirt caps.
    • That's a lot of water.
  • 3 packages of black boxer briefs
    • Apparently, they can't buy their own underwear?
  • 3 packages of Non-argyle patterned socks
    • You can buy your own non-argyle patterned socks!
  • Brand new plain white bath towels for the band and any color new bath towels for the crew
    • Why does the color matter?
  • 1 pound of turkey, 1 pound of ham, and 1 pound of mozzarella cheese.
    • Will you even eat that much?
  • Packages of string cheese
    • You really need this plus your pound of mozzarella?
  • 10 red bulls
  • 10 yellow Gatorade's and 10 other colored Gatorade's
  • A bowl of fresh green grapes
I'm pretty sure these guys just want us to pay for them to stock up their closet and fridge. Their list of demands is a few pages long. Must be nice being a celebrity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My roommates Tuesday night in pictures...
(Guarding the wine)
(Hiding in a closet after falling in a puddle)
(Falling off of a chair)

(No explanation needed)

The benefits of having a sober roommate:
They document your entire night in pictures.
They take care of you when your night does not turn out well.

You're welcome. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

St. Louis

This past weekend my cousin Levi had his wedding reception in St.Louis. He and his wife are in the air force and are heading to Germany soon. They got married a few months ago and his wife's parents wanted to throw a little get together. They sent invites to the Wisconsin side of the family and they just thought that we would send money. Little do they know that when someone mentions a party we find a way to make it.

We all were in the same hotel. Which was probably a bad idea. On Friday night we crammed about 20 people into a small hotel room, drank way to much, and had a good time. Apparently, quiet time starts at 10pm. Some guy wearing camo suspenders and rocking a huge beer belly knocked at the door at around 2am and broke up the party. It was fun while it lasted.
Saturday we all had a slow start, but we managed to get back together for brunch. A few hours later was the reception with an open bar. Last year was when I finally got excepted into the "adult" cousin group and this year my aunts and uncles finally offered me a drink. I loved drinking with my family! We ended up staying until bar close and then going back to the hotel to continue the party.

My parents did not give me a room key so I had to knock at the door at 3am. 
Then my dad woke me up at 6:30 to leave on our 8 hour car ride.
It was terrible.

Weddings and funerals are the major events that bring our entire family together.
No one is close to getting married and I really do not want someone to pass away.
So the entire night I was trying to convince my cousin, who lives in Salt Lake City, to become a sister wife. Apparently, she thinks that is a terrible idea. Go figure.

It sucked having to leave, but I am grateful for the time that we all had together.
Im so blessed with an awesome family!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Most college kids host keggers. Shandell and I host wine nights. We like to keep to keep it classy on the weekdays. So Winesday was born in order to make the middle of the week more exciting.
We decorated and personalized our own wine glasses with puffy paint and jewels.

Everyone brought a different kind of wine and they passed it around. 
It was like a wine tasting event for the poor, because all we had was cheap wine.
Cheap wine can be pretty good!

My swedish BFF Anna!
We have a blast together.

Our first Winesday was a success! Im looking forward to many more with the girls… and Matthew and Scott ( our gay BFF's).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Operation Make Room Parent Friendly

My family is planning on spending the night on Thursday. Shandell and I have an open room so it doesn't. make sense for them to get a hotel for only a few hours. They are coming out of their way to pick me up for a wedding reception in St.Louis.

I didn't think about how much had to be done in order to prepare for their arrival! Text messages had to sent to our friends warning them not to show up at our room. The stuff we found funny or necessary to be in our room was surely not on my mothers list of funny or necessary.

I really love college.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Crazy Weekend

New Rule: Only allow people to "hang out" in your room one day a week.

Shandell and I planned on having fun one day this past weekend.
Monday afternoon we still had people asleep in our room and there are so many articles of clothing in here that do not belong to us. Our floor has soaked up a ridiculous amount of liquid too. We need to start passing out sippy cups.

Me, Eric, Anna, Matt, and Shandell

It's a bad picture of me but Scott looks cute.

Matt, Anna, and I.

Shandell, me, and Destiny
Anna and I.

Shandell, me and, and Destiny

Anna and I…again.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Solo Cup

All eight pictures in this post involve my roommate. I should really stop hanging out with her. ;)
I was really worried about this semester, because I'm taking two really hard classes. The first three weeks have been a blast and I hope that's a continuing trend.

(Shandell and I needed some brain fuel during our late night study session)

Shandell and I didn't really hang out in the same group first semester, but since we live together it's inevitable that our friend group would mix. We should have done that sooner! Everyone gets along and our room has become the "pre-game" room.

(I brought Shandell to bible study with me. She actually loved it!)
I have had to continue the trend of sitting on the bathroom floor with a crying girl. I feel like that has just become the routine in my life since high school.

(Snap chat hottie)

My favorite thing is when we are laying in bed and we just spend a few hours talking. We always regret staying up so late the next morning, but I really love our talks. 

(Elisebeth:  the cup you gave me is being put to good use!)
One night a group of us just hung out in a circle and we had to confess something, say something we wish we could change,etc. Then we would make a toast to that person. It was the most random bonding experience. It sounds so dumb, but people still bring up how much they loved it. It was like the judgement free zone with cheerleaders. 
One of my favorite parts about college is how your night can go from nothing to something just like that. There is always something to do and there is always a person willing to hang or help out. I love it!