Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Solo Cup

All eight pictures in this post involve my roommate. I should really stop hanging out with her. ;)
I was really worried about this semester, because I'm taking two really hard classes. The first three weeks have been a blast and I hope that's a continuing trend.

(Shandell and I needed some brain fuel during our late night study session)

Shandell and I didn't really hang out in the same group first semester, but since we live together it's inevitable that our friend group would mix. We should have done that sooner! Everyone gets along and our room has become the "pre-game" room.

(I brought Shandell to bible study with me. She actually loved it!)
I have had to continue the trend of sitting on the bathroom floor with a crying girl. I feel like that has just become the routine in my life since high school.

(Snap chat hottie)

My favorite thing is when we are laying in bed and we just spend a few hours talking. We always regret staying up so late the next morning, but I really love our talks. 

(Elisebeth:  the cup you gave me is being put to good use!)
One night a group of us just hung out in a circle and we had to confess something, say something we wish we could change,etc. Then we would make a toast to that person. It was the most random bonding experience. It sounds so dumb, but people still bring up how much they loved it. It was like the judgement free zone with cheerleaders. 
One of my favorite parts about college is how your night can go from nothing to something just like that. There is always something to do and there is always a person willing to hang or help out. I love it!

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