Friday, February 21, 2014

Timeflies Demand List

This year my college is getting Timeflies for our spring concert. I was in the UPAC office going over the contracts and some of the bands demands are ridiculous! I have heard of some celebrities demanding stupid things. Timeflies didn't demand that bad of stuff, but I defiantly rolled my eyes.

Just some of the things on their list:

  • 3 packages of bottled water with the squirt caps.
    • That's a lot of water.
  • 3 packages of black boxer briefs
    • Apparently, they can't buy their own underwear?
  • 3 packages of Non-argyle patterned socks
    • You can buy your own non-argyle patterned socks!
  • Brand new plain white bath towels for the band and any color new bath towels for the crew
    • Why does the color matter?
  • 1 pound of turkey, 1 pound of ham, and 1 pound of mozzarella cheese.
    • Will you even eat that much?
  • Packages of string cheese
    • You really need this plus your pound of mozzarella?
  • 10 red bulls
  • 10 yellow Gatorade's and 10 other colored Gatorade's
  • A bowl of fresh green grapes
I'm pretty sure these guys just want us to pay for them to stock up their closet and fridge. Their list of demands is a few pages long. Must be nice being a celebrity.

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