Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alcoholic Dinosaur

Just a hilarious picture I found on Pinterest.

I love this girl and her vocabulary.

Me: She was simply inquiring.
Shandell: Did you feel all smart using that big word?
Me: What big word?
Shandell: Inquiring.
Me: That's not a big word.
Shandell: To me it is.

Shandell and I failing at trying to guilt trip Kylie

Shandell: We even got dressed up for you!
Me: Yeah! We put on jeans.
Kylie: I feel so special.


Erin's boyfriends house just burned down and this conversation happened.

Shandell: My bed was so comfy and I had my stuffed animal Henry with me.
Erin: I had a stuffed animal named Henry! He got destroyed in the fire. Only his head survived….
Me: Are we allowed to laugh at that?


Mine and Shandell's failed workout attempt

Shandell: We missed our yoga class!
Me: In other words the closest I got to working out today was changing to yoga pants.
Brady: There are other workout classes tonight.
Shandell: Those are the hard ones!
Me: They make you sweat.

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