Saturday, March 29, 2014

Greek Formal After Parties

There was a ton of greek formal after parties last weekend!

Quick Recap:
Mega phones that make siren sounds freak out many people.
Walking around in weather that is in the teens is not fun, but seems to be the norm for girls here.
High heels don't feel so bad when your feet are frozen.
When Matt knows about another "party" don't follow him. 
Find friends that are willing to take care of you when you party a little to hard. Not many people will carry your drunk ass a good mile back to their dorm. You're welcome Erin!
Also, find friends that will kick out a guy from your room when you're to nice to do it yourself. Thank you Shandell!! 

"Pre-marital sex is a sin. Jesus is not happy with you, Shandell!
P.S. I see everything!
Rae your whip cream addiction is not healthy you freak. I don't trust you with your phone you snap chat hoe!"

"Dear Nikki & Destany,
If the door is locked knock really hard! Or call me or Rae till we answer ok?
Love, Shandell and Rae Bear
I <3 you!!
Shandell & Rae, thanks 4 taking care of your shit show of a friend Erin…I love you babes. Matt and I are bringing ice cream cake to you this week!

"This is what you get when you go out on Thursday nights! No more alcohol, weed, or sex.

I wonder what I am going to tell my kids when they ask about my college experience...

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