Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hair Extensions

I think that everyone should live in a dorm for at least one semester. It's something that you will never experience again. Living with someone in a box like room, people barging into your room drunk a few times a week, always having something to do, and the ability to become friends with people you normally would not hang out with.

I once again live with a crazy person. Lucky for me I actually get along with her! We've moved our relationship to best friend status. Which is good, because living with someone can either be a good or bad thing for a friendship.
Shandell straightening her hair extensions.

Shandell attempting to lower her bed.

Shandell moving her mattress

Bible study group picture!

And the night after bible study….
My picture finally went up on the UPAC Wall of Fame!! I had to take photographic evidence of my accomplishment, because no one believed that I did anything other then study, sleep, and drink.

Political science major, two future nurses, and a future elementary school teacher posing with condoms.
That's college for you. 

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