Monday, March 10, 2014

My Step-Grandma

My step-grandma LeMeryl died a few days ago. You didn't know I had a step-grandma? Well, I have to get reminded every few years that I have one.  I have never met her. Apparently, my dad also has three stepbrothers. I have never met them either. You learn new things everyday!

Mom: LeMeryl died.
Rae: Who's LeMeryl?
Mom: Your dads stepmom.
Rae: Oh I forgot he had one of those.

Rae: Dad, I'm sorry about LeMeryl. Are you going to the funeral?
Dad: No. I'd only go to make sure she was dead.

And that is why I have never met this woman….

(Picture of her in the newspaper)

According to her obituary she was...

An avid card player and loved playing bingo. She enjoyed going to Pulaski Polka Days and dancing the polka. LeMeryl also enjoyed crocheting.

Rest in peace LeMeryl. 

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