Monday, March 3, 2014

PALS Weekend

My college was having PALS weekend, which is when high schoolers can spend the night in the dorms with college students to experience college life. Shandell and I were not going to do it, until we heard they were in desperate need for people to sign up. So we signed up and prayed that we got someone normal.

Well, we got one of the most stuck up chicks I have ever met. We tried to work with this girl, but she was having none of it. Every time we asked her a question she would give us one worded responses or would role her eyes. Who the hell did she think she was? All of our friends high schoolers were awesome! We grouped up and had a good night! Thanks goodness, because I don't know what I would have done if I had to deal with our girl alone.

Of course, to add a cherry on top of the situation, our friend Matt decided to go out and get high leaving us his high schooler for a few hours. Our high schooler was super nice to Matt's high schooler. So apparently she's only a bitch to girls. Great! Our friend Scott had a pot brownie and kept visiting us too. So our chick probably thought that she had to stay with a bunch of stoners.

She finally left around 12pm today. Shandell and I are in desperate need for some wine to recover from this chick. We may not be stoners, but we do have alcoholic tendencies.

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