Sunday, March 23, 2014

The House That Built Me

Katie's(aka. My childhood best friend) parents recently bought a house an hour away from our home town and are moving. I have a sentimental attachment to their house!

Katie and I met on our bus in Kindergarten. I didn't know where she lived at first, but I soon found out she lived one small corn field away from my house. Being able to walk to her house was my first sense of freedom as a little kid. I have so many memories of running across the corn field to Katie's house or riding my bike which scared our moms, because we had to cross a busy road.

Soon the corn field got developed, many houses were built, and a convenient road was built between our houses. Our days were spent walking, biking, or rollerblading back and forth between our houses. Sometimes Katie would just randomly show up when I wasn't even home, because she got bored.

Some of the best parties I have ever attended were at her house. Katie and I went from running around in our gymnastic outfits and jumping on the trampoline in the pouring rain to actually becoming one of the "adults" at the party.

That house holds a lot of firsts for me…

  • I had my first taste of alcohol in her kitchen. It involved sneaking a shot of vodka and running to the kitchen faucet for water, because it burned our throats. 

  • The first time I ever snuck out of the house I went to Katie's. What a rebel I was! haha. I got pretty good at avoiding street lights, learning what houses had automatic lights, and where things were located that I could trip on in their backyards. 

  • Katie has an older sister who really got into pot in high school. I went from only hearing about drugs from my parents and teachers to actually seeing them being done in her bedroom, while her parents were gone. Katie and I never really got involved with that, but there was definitely an opportunity.

  • Katie's parents left her and her sister home alone a lot. This lead to my first alcohol infused parties/get together. Soon Katie's sister graduated high school and moved out. This meant that Katie and I had to take over the party department. I think we did a might fine job at that.

  • I started dating Eric, because of this house. Katie is his cousin and he lived their for about a year. Having a boyfriend live right down the street is every girls dream come true! It also triggered my parents instilling my first "curfew" that lasted about a week. Spending the night at Katie's was pretty much just a code word for me, except when I actually did just hang out with Katie and not Eric.

  • That house is where I spend my New Years Eve, because Katie's parents always leave for it,which left us with a whole house to celebrate the new year and celebrate we did year after year.

 A quick summary of this house would be it was where the majority of my middle/high school shenanigans happened and where I spent my elementary school years jumping on the trampoline and playing with Barbies.

Im going to miss it. I guess this is just part of growing up. Letting go of places close to our heart is just part of the process.

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