Monday, March 3, 2014


Good ole' UPAC discussions

Katy: I was suppose to get a pap smear, but I cancelled the appointment at the last minute. My mother still thinks I went and that's all that matters.
Kristin: You lied to your mom!?
Katy: What she doesn't know won't hurt her and it saves my vagina from being murdered.
Kristin: I'm totally texting her.
The things that we have to do while living in a dorm.

Nikki: Tell her it is in my room, in the closet, behind my dirty clothes, in a black bag, and it should be located in the middle pocket.
Late night study sessions lead to exhaustion.

Shandell: We need to start going to bed earlier. I am so exhausted. I don't even think I'm wearing underwear.
Me: You're not wearing underwear?
Shandell: I was so tired after my shower that I forgot that step when I got dressed!
A new discovery during bible study.

Carly: I once had a turtle, but my parents told me it ran away. Now that I think about it that's impossible. Id like to see a turtle run! He probably died and my parents lied!

I don't even remember who she was talking to, but it made me laugh.
Shandell: I love you and I support you getting laid.

Scott is a devote catholic and he was singing this all night.
Scott: Red solo cup. Mary forgive us.

Apparently, I am not allowed to leave town.

Me: Who's that guy with Anna?
Matthew: The one she got arrested with.
Me: What?
Matthew: I told you not to leave town. Bad things happen when you are gone.

The gay guy trying to roofie me

Matthew: Honey, you remind me of a librarian or a doctor. You look like you're going somewhere in life. My goal for the night is to make the librarian unbutton her shirt and put on a pair of heals. The only place you're going is some hot guys bed.
Me: The librarian doesn't want to end up in some guys bed.
Matthew: And that is where roufies come in handy!

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I am living my college life vicariously through you, just so ya know....