Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nuring Major Roommate

Living with a nursing major is so much fun! Shandell and I are constantly putting our major to good use especially around each other.

The past few weeks we have had a constant flow of finding weird things on our bodies. We were constantly saying, "Check this out. I think I'm dying" or "Stop laughing! How am I suppose to focus on your ass when it keeps jiggling."

For example Shandell somehow managed to get a splinter on her ass. I had her laying on the ground while I attempted to get it out. The next week I get a strange red bump (looks like a swollen mosquito/spider bite) on my ass and Shandell had to confirm my self-diagnosis. I also found a strange pimple like bump on my boob and had a minor freak out. Only a special friend( or nursing major) can poke, squeeze, and rub your nipple like it's no big deal and convince you that its probably not cancer.

Another fun thing about nursing majors is that they use anatomically correct names for insults.
I am constantly hearing Shandell say, "Stop being such a labia majora." Or my favorite, "Shut your mandible." We are clearly to cool for our own good.

We also have to study our ass' off in our classes. While our friends are out having a good time during the week you can probably find us in the library or locked in our room. Which means we have to relieve stress during the weekends and that always turns into a good time! We are very good at getting stuff done and having fun. A perfect college student combination.

You all should get nursing major roommates. We are clearly the most mature and handy people to live with. Check your body for bumps….or have your nursing major roommate do it! ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mental Illness

On Monday my friend Erin had a mental breakdown in class. She had not been sleeping the past couple days, was texting all of us strange things, and during her first class on Monday she just snapped. She was brought to the cities for treatment and I haven't heard anything since.

My other friend Sammy tried to commit suicide over the weekend. I don't know the full story, because I haven't really hung out with her since 1st semester. I do know that she suffers with depression.

Mental illness is a scary thing. Erin and Sammy are two bubbly blondes with amazing personalities. When you think "mental illness" they would never fit the stereotype. Mental illness can strike anyone.  Please keep this sweet girls in your prayers.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I needed a second job this summer and I decided to try and find a babysitting job.
After searching on craigslist(Sketchy, I know) I got an interview with a family.
The interview went really well and at the end of it the mom said, "I don't know whether to shake your hand or hug you!" We hugged and that sealed the deal. Apparently, she has interviewed some strange people. So a day later we became Facebook friends and I found this on her wall….

I just happen to be that sweetest girl ever….
Well, at least her and her friends have a sense of humor! 
I think its going to be a fun summer!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sugar Loaf

One of my favorite parts of Winona are the bluffs. Anytime I see them I feel like I'm back in Colorado. The bluffs are a good substitute for mountains!
On Friday afternoon Scott, Shandell, and I decided to hike up Sugar Loaf. 
You can literally see all of Winona at the top.

Hiking up Sugar Loaf was the easy part.
We decided to take a different trail down.
We literally slide down on our ass' the entire way.
 It was steep, sandy, and covered with branches.
I'm sure we will feel it tomorrow.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Thursday-Saturday I was at NACA Northern Plains (National Association for Campus Activities) with UPAC. It was held in St.Paul at the Xcel Energy Center.
Lots of acronyms.
UPAC delegates with Six Appeal.

NACA is an event where colleges from all over the midwest can go to watch and book events for their college. We watched about 50 different acts which included magicians, bands/singers of all types, comedians, hypnotists, mentalists, influential speakers, etc. When I got invited to attend NACA I thought it was going to be boring, but I didn't want to pass up a free trip. I went with a group of girls(and our advisor Tracy) that I knew, but was not really friends with. By the end of the trip we all became friends and we had such a fun time together!
Guy in latex suit with boots.
He goes to schools and talks about BDSM… we did not schedule him.

After the showcased events we would go down by the booths and talk with different agencies and their acts. We had a budget of $20,000 that we could spend on booking events for next year. It was weird looking at a price and saying, "Wow, he's only $1000! That's super cheap." When is the next time I'll ever be able to say that?

I had to take a picture with strangers.

I roomed with Emily and Ashley.
Ashley is an RA in my building and Emily is a resident on her floor.
Technically, Ashley sharing a room with us was against all sorts of rules.
It was a little weird knowing she was an RA, but by the end of the trip we were following each other on twitter and instagram. Which is surprising, because my #1 rule regarding RA's is not to have them follow me on instagram or twitter. 

Tyler Hilton performing.

One of the best parts was meeting Tyler Hilton!
He's the guy that plays Chris Keller in One Tree Hill.
I always hated Chris Keller, but Tyler Hilton was such a nice guy!
Picture with Tyler.

It was a fun weekend of listening to performers, making new friends, swapping college stories, and complaining about lack of sleep.

Believe it or not we got our entire group in this picture.
Another group picture with Jason.
 Ignore how fat I look in this picture. 
One of the best things I did was join UPAC. It has been so fun and I have met a ton of awesome people  because of it. I never thought I would have joined a group like it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This past weekend was one of the most fun and exhausting one I have had.
UPAC(University Planning Activities Community) is a club that I am part of on campus and they hold a huge spring concert every year. This year for a low price of $40,000(plus $5000 opener, $2000 in lighting/staging, and other miscellaneous expenses) we got TimeFlies! Having attended private schools my entire life seeing that kind of money spent on a concert was mind blowing, but it was kind of fun to spend it!

We ended up selling all 3000 tickets!
Apparently, Timeflies is more popular than I originally thought.

Friday night the stage and lighting arrived.
The production company was from Green Bay! 
We had to unload three trucks and set up the stage that night.

Saturday morning we all headed back to the gym and set up the light and sound equipment, put up the guard ropes, made sure the dressing rooms were stocked, and a ton of other random things.

Doors opened at 7pm and my first shift was on the gym floor.
My friends and I pretty much just stood around, laughed when people fell(we warned them to watch their step), judged people's clothing, and tried to rate on a scale from 1-10 on how drunk people were as they came in. Within 45 minutes of the doors opening someone passed out and we had to call an ambulance. The guy ended up recovering and he didn't end up going to the hospital.

We had to kick a ton of drunk people out.
A cop actually tackled a guy that tried to make a run for it!
My second shift was security for the line.

The Nutrition Club was handing out free snacks to promote not drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.
They also handed out mocktails.
Safe sex on the beach was the most clever name.
I enjoyed my shot of it.

My favorite job was guarding the dressing room for Timeflies!
People kept trying to sneak downstairs in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of them.
Our job was to prevent that from happening.
At one point someone was not guarding the stairs and a ton of people got downstairs.
For a while a few of us were sprinting after people in the tunnels.
It was crazy! 
They would see UPAC members and just make a run for it.

Timeflies came out of their dressing rooms a few times.
That was nice!
We got to escort them out of the basement and to the stage when it was their turn to perform.

My last shift was back on the gym floor.
We got to watch the concert and supervise the crowd.
A guy ended up punching a girl in the face.
The bathrooms smelled like puke and alcohol.
If that gives you a sense of how the crowd was.

After the concert only the UPAC members got a meet and greet.
They signed autographs and took a group photo with us.

The worst part of the night was the end.
We had to take down the stage, sound, and lighting equipment. Load everything back on the trucks and then clean the gym floor. 

The gym floor was filled with bottle of alcohol, clumps of hair(cat fight?), flip flops,etc.
It was disgusting.

After hours of cleaning up we all headed up Perkins!
We were so exhausted.
People were falling asleep left and right.
I got home around 4am.

Even though I was exhausted, I had so much fun!
UPAC has been planning this concert for 5 months and to see it actually come together was awesome.
I never realized how much work went into planning an event like this.
I liked being able to experience the opposite end of events like these.