Sunday, April 6, 2014


Thursday-Saturday I was at NACA Northern Plains (National Association for Campus Activities) with UPAC. It was held in St.Paul at the Xcel Energy Center.
Lots of acronyms.
UPAC delegates with Six Appeal.

NACA is an event where colleges from all over the midwest can go to watch and book events for their college. We watched about 50 different acts which included magicians, bands/singers of all types, comedians, hypnotists, mentalists, influential speakers, etc. When I got invited to attend NACA I thought it was going to be boring, but I didn't want to pass up a free trip. I went with a group of girls(and our advisor Tracy) that I knew, but was not really friends with. By the end of the trip we all became friends and we had such a fun time together!
Guy in latex suit with boots.
He goes to schools and talks about BDSM… we did not schedule him.

After the showcased events we would go down by the booths and talk with different agencies and their acts. We had a budget of $20,000 that we could spend on booking events for next year. It was weird looking at a price and saying, "Wow, he's only $1000! That's super cheap." When is the next time I'll ever be able to say that?

I had to take a picture with strangers.

I roomed with Emily and Ashley.
Ashley is an RA in my building and Emily is a resident on her floor.
Technically, Ashley sharing a room with us was against all sorts of rules.
It was a little weird knowing she was an RA, but by the end of the trip we were following each other on twitter and instagram. Which is surprising, because my #1 rule regarding RA's is not to have them follow me on instagram or twitter. 

Tyler Hilton performing.

One of the best parts was meeting Tyler Hilton!
He's the guy that plays Chris Keller in One Tree Hill.
I always hated Chris Keller, but Tyler Hilton was such a nice guy!
Picture with Tyler.

It was a fun weekend of listening to performers, making new friends, swapping college stories, and complaining about lack of sleep.

Believe it or not we got our entire group in this picture.
Another group picture with Jason.
 Ignore how fat I look in this picture. 
One of the best things I did was join UPAC. It has been so fun and I have met a ton of awesome people  because of it. I never thought I would have joined a group like it.

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