Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nuring Major Roommate

Living with a nursing major is so much fun! Shandell and I are constantly putting our major to good use especially around each other.

The past few weeks we have had a constant flow of finding weird things on our bodies. We were constantly saying, "Check this out. I think I'm dying" or "Stop laughing! How am I suppose to focus on your ass when it keeps jiggling."

For example Shandell somehow managed to get a splinter on her ass. I had her laying on the ground while I attempted to get it out. The next week I get a strange red bump (looks like a swollen mosquito/spider bite) on my ass and Shandell had to confirm my self-diagnosis. I also found a strange pimple like bump on my boob and had a minor freak out. Only a special friend( or nursing major) can poke, squeeze, and rub your nipple like it's no big deal and convince you that its probably not cancer.

Another fun thing about nursing majors is that they use anatomically correct names for insults.
I am constantly hearing Shandell say, "Stop being such a labia majora." Or my favorite, "Shut your mandible." We are clearly to cool for our own good.

We also have to study our ass' off in our classes. While our friends are out having a good time during the week you can probably find us in the library or locked in our room. Which means we have to relieve stress during the weekends and that always turns into a good time! We are very good at getting stuff done and having fun. A perfect college student combination.

You all should get nursing major roommates. We are clearly the most mature and handy people to live with. Check your body for bumps….or have your nursing major roommate do it! ;)

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