Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This past weekend was one of the most fun and exhausting one I have had.
UPAC(University Planning Activities Community) is a club that I am part of on campus and they hold a huge spring concert every year. This year for a low price of $40,000(plus $5000 opener, $2000 in lighting/staging, and other miscellaneous expenses) we got TimeFlies! Having attended private schools my entire life seeing that kind of money spent on a concert was mind blowing, but it was kind of fun to spend it!

We ended up selling all 3000 tickets!
Apparently, Timeflies is more popular than I originally thought.

Friday night the stage and lighting arrived.
The production company was from Green Bay! 
We had to unload three trucks and set up the stage that night.

Saturday morning we all headed back to the gym and set up the light and sound equipment, put up the guard ropes, made sure the dressing rooms were stocked, and a ton of other random things.

Doors opened at 7pm and my first shift was on the gym floor.
My friends and I pretty much just stood around, laughed when people fell(we warned them to watch their step), judged people's clothing, and tried to rate on a scale from 1-10 on how drunk people were as they came in. Within 45 minutes of the doors opening someone passed out and we had to call an ambulance. The guy ended up recovering and he didn't end up going to the hospital.

We had to kick a ton of drunk people out.
A cop actually tackled a guy that tried to make a run for it!
My second shift was security for the line.

The Nutrition Club was handing out free snacks to promote not drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.
They also handed out mocktails.
Safe sex on the beach was the most clever name.
I enjoyed my shot of it.

My favorite job was guarding the dressing room for Timeflies!
People kept trying to sneak downstairs in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of them.
Our job was to prevent that from happening.
At one point someone was not guarding the stairs and a ton of people got downstairs.
For a while a few of us were sprinting after people in the tunnels.
It was crazy! 
They would see UPAC members and just make a run for it.

Timeflies came out of their dressing rooms a few times.
That was nice!
We got to escort them out of the basement and to the stage when it was their turn to perform.

My last shift was back on the gym floor.
We got to watch the concert and supervise the crowd.
A guy ended up punching a girl in the face.
The bathrooms smelled like puke and alcohol.
If that gives you a sense of how the crowd was.

After the concert only the UPAC members got a meet and greet.
They signed autographs and took a group photo with us.

The worst part of the night was the end.
We had to take down the stage, sound, and lighting equipment. Load everything back on the trucks and then clean the gym floor. 

The gym floor was filled with bottle of alcohol, clumps of hair(cat fight?), flip flops,etc.
It was disgusting.

After hours of cleaning up we all headed up Perkins!
We were so exhausted.
People were falling asleep left and right.
I got home around 4am.

Even though I was exhausted, I had so much fun!
UPAC has been planning this concert for 5 months and to see it actually come together was awesome.
I never realized how much work went into planning an event like this.
I liked being able to experience the opposite end of events like these.

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