Monday, May 19, 2014

The Box

It is so easy to forget that our parents had lives before us. 
It's weird to think that they went through the same stages of life we do.
I was recently going through some pictures of my mom when she was my age.
Her life was so much more exciting!
She joined the military right out of college and toured the world.

My mom and I are different people, that grew up at different times, but some experiences stay the same throughout the decades.

You pose for pictures in dress up clothes.

You experience different cultures.
My mom helped Cuban refugees while in the Air force and I went to Haiti.

We deal with roommates.
Apparently, my mother and I had roommates that creeped on us sleeping.
Written on the back of my moms picture: Sleepyhead. Karla. My first roommate.
Description of my picture on facebook: What a cutie pie just sleeping away counting sheep ... 1 sheep, 2 sheep , 3 sheep ... Asleep

We experience nature with our friends in crazy ways.
My mom is the one in the purple with a cigarette in her mouth.

Of course you have to see famous landmarks of America!

Sometimes you have a need for speed.
That would be my mother with a bottle of booze, in a bikini, on a moped in Italy.

Dressing up for Halloween is mandatory....

...and so is dressing fancy!

You cannot forget the bikini pictures with your sidekick.
We need reminders of what our bodies once looked like!

What's skin cancer?
Everyone tends to forget about it when a tan is needed.

You cannot forgot the serious pose! 

....or just a smiling picture of yourself.

Finally, we have posing with different cars. 
It helps remind you of the decade that the picture was taken.
That would be another cigarette in my mothers hand...

One day the pictures of my youth will end up in a box.
I'll look in the mirror expecting to see the face of a young girl and instead I'll see the face of a woman that experienced life and has the wrinkles to show it.
I'll find a box buried in the basement and open it. 
It will be filled with pictures of a time long past.
I'll remember the friends that became family, the memories of a time where we had the world at our finger tips, and I'll be reminded of memories that I had forgotten about.

Until then you will find me posing in bikinis next to the people I love and living every moment to the fullest.
Life goes to fast and before I know it I'll only have memories of a youth, hopefully, well spent.
So here is your reminder to enjoy the stage of life you are currently living.
You're never going to get this moment back and wishing for the future just wastes that time.

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.
-Andy Warhol

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Post

I have so much that I want to write about between completing my freshmen year of college to my plans for the summer, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and write out my thoughts. I've been busy with my 8 hour a day CNA class during the week and during the weekends I manage to do everything, except what I planned on doing.

This will have to do until I can write everything down....

I had an amazing first year of college and I didnt want to see it end. It was sad to close that chapter of my life, but I will always cherish the memories I made.

Memorial day weekend will be Round 3 of craziness. I am such a lucky person in the friend department! I got to catch up with a few friends back at home these past weekends and I've had a blast. I'm still not done catching up with some of my girls! I'm hoping the next few weekends are Round 4, 5, 6,etc.

I'm off to study for an exam. My CNA class has been fun, but the days can get really long. I've met some really awesome future nurses in my class and they are always making me laugh. We also have a ton of connections. I always forget how small Green Bay really is until I start talking with strangers and we know many of the same people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                                                Im going to miss.
Photo Credit: My friend Erin

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Weekend in Winona

I probably should have waited to post my previous post.
Yesterday got even stranger….

We started the morning with Mimosa's in the caf.
Shandell and I are normally never up before noon on the weekends.
We should have known that getting up for breakfast would only lead to bad things...
I dragged Shandell and Hayley to my last UPAC event.
We saw Dave and Ethan: Dating Coaches.
They were really funny!

My parents came to town because they wanted to switch cars with me.
I went to dinner with them and Shandell got to deal with our room raid.
After that whole debacle we decided to watch movies, put on fake nails, and cleansing face masks.
Shandell only got to put on her fake nails and then we got invited to a bonfire by our friend Matt.
Matt had his friend pick us up and Matt wasn't even in the car.
It was very sketchy.
We got to enjoy the bonfire for about 15 minutes.
The house we were at is located right next to a bar.
We were standing in front of the house when a guy comes running out of the bar and two girls follow him. They all sit on the curb and are freaking out. Matt goes to see whats the matter and finds out the guy got stabbed twice in the leg. We help the people with that and go back to the bonfire. Shandell and I decide to walk back to our dorms at around 12:30am and we have to walk in the sketchy part of town to get back. We only freaked out a few times after seeing a creepy statue, a rabbit, and a "shadow".

Right when we get to our dorm we see two cops cars and a whole line of people sitting on the curb.
We hurry to our dorm, grab our chips and soda, and wait for the show to happen.
A few minutes into our watching we realize that we know the people getting breathalyzed!
At this point the entire building is watching out of their windows. 
The show got even better when the cops started pulling bags and alcohol bottles from the car!

Security soon showed up and tried to yell at the people watching.
Shandell and I hid for a bit while the security guards were looking into our windows.
We then decided to go to the 4th floor, because they had a better view.

Our friend Tony ended up getting arrested, a few of the people got minors, and the rest got to leave.
Apparently, the group was selling drugs that night and a few grams of Marijuana was found in the car.
We ended up getting no studying done on Saturday.

It was also Destany's birthday!!
She partied hard and represented America….and Mexico?

Im going to miss this place.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Knock

Shandell and I have the party room on our floor and only the people that party know that. We have a system in place that insures we keep the noise at a minimum and hide all evidence when someone knocks. During the weekends it is normally full of people. We have yet to get the dreaded knock on the door by security this semester. Well, that is until tonight.

Finals are next week so Shandell and I decided we wanted a low key weekend. Last night we only invited two of our friends over for the most low key night ever. We drank wine and champagne and talked for a few hours. Tonight Shandell, Hayley, and I went to a watch the comedians Dave and Ethan and then we went back to our room. My parents called saying that they had just arrived and I went out to eat with them. While I was eating with my parents at a restaurant and Shandell was eating chips and watching a movie…we got the knock.

Apparently, someone had tipped off the RA that people were drinking in our room tonight. Shandell let her take a look around our room. The RA apologized for bothering Shandell and left. I get a phone call from a freaked out Shandell and she tells me this whole story.

We cannot figure out why, out of all nights, someone complained about us tonight. I bet they are feeling really dumb right now.

Gotta love the dorm life!!