Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Knock

Shandell and I have the party room on our floor and only the people that party know that. We have a system in place that insures we keep the noise at a minimum and hide all evidence when someone knocks. During the weekends it is normally full of people. We have yet to get the dreaded knock on the door by security this semester. Well, that is until tonight.

Finals are next week so Shandell and I decided we wanted a low key weekend. Last night we only invited two of our friends over for the most low key night ever. We drank wine and champagne and talked for a few hours. Tonight Shandell, Hayley, and I went to a watch the comedians Dave and Ethan and then we went back to our room. My parents called saying that they had just arrived and I went out to eat with them. While I was eating with my parents at a restaurant and Shandell was eating chips and watching a movie…we got the knock.

Apparently, someone had tipped off the RA that people were drinking in our room tonight. Shandell let her take a look around our room. The RA apologized for bothering Shandell and left. I get a phone call from a freaked out Shandell and she tells me this whole story.

We cannot figure out why, out of all nights, someone complained about us tonight. I bet they are feeling really dumb right now.

Gotta love the dorm life!!

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