Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July

 Have I ever mentioned how lucky I got in the friend department?
I have been blessed with some amazing people in my life.

 I spent the 4th of July with Sarah, Shannon, and Sydney. Our plans changed, but I still had an awesome time with them in Door County. We went to the beach, ate pizza at the Wild Tomato, and got gelato.  We then headed downtown to watch the fireworks later in the night. It was nice spending time with all of them, because that rarely happens anymore.
 That was suppose to be the extent of my 4th of July weekend. My boyfriend was out of town and I had to work Saturday and Sunday.
 My friend Katie's parents had some people from Houston and Jacksonville in town and decided to throw a 5th of July party. I got sent home early from work on Saturday. When my dad found out I was heading to the party, he wanted to come.
 Katie had to work the next morning and agreed to be our designated driver. Katie's family and their friends know how to have a good time. I've become the adoptive daughter to them and their friends. The entire time my dad got to hear what a good time his daughter was and how much they love me. It was a nice ego boost.
 Katie, her boyfriend, and my dad ended up leaving that night. My drunk self got convinced to stay and party. I had to work at 9:30am the next morning and I figured I would just set my alarm and head to work.
 I woke up dead the next morning. I was handed a Bloody Mary and told to call in sick to work.
 I spent the day pontooning, talking, playing Cards Against Humanity, and trying to avoid 33 year old Justin. Who's Justin? Some guy that has a major obsession with me. It is starting to weird me out. After a fun day of activities the group decided to go get "ice." Ice is code word for a bar run. The youngest person in the group, besides myself, was 28. So I stayed behind to watch the drunk people with Kurt, Scott(not my dad), and Scott's girlfriend. After 20 minutes of babysitting, we got the drunk people to bed and everyone decided to sneak me into the bar.
  That is how 18 year old Rae ended up partying at a bar with people half my age...and a 28 year old.
We eventually stumbled home from the bar. People started to pass out, because flights needed to be caught the next morning. By 2am, the only people up were Amy #1 and Amy #2. Yes, I got dubbed Amy #2 after the party queen. That girl never sleeps and always has a good time. We ended up talking until 6am. Between our conversation we cooked breakfast (bagels and eggs), went on a hunt for cigarettes, started a bonfire (I don't even know how we managed that), and other stuff I don't even remember.

We finally crashed when the sun came up and got woken up a few hours later. We found out that we were going to the same Brewers game later that night. So we swapped numbers in case we wanted to meet up at the game. I just assumed we had fun drunk, but that I wasn't going to get a text from a 38 year old from Houston. During the 3rd inning, I got a text asking if I was hurting as bad as her from our night and that she wanted to meet up. I spent three innings next to her. We kept getting lectured by Katie's Grandma about how we would be enjoying ourselves more if we hadn't drank all weekend.

So that is how my uneventful weekend turned into a very eventful weekend. I never would have expected that showing up to a party on Saturday would lead me to head home on Monday.

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