Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homecoming 2014

I had Friday(besides my class), Saturday, and Sunday off this weekend.
That is a rarity in the food industry.

Victoria and I spent Friday night with the Nimmers. 
We went pontooning and to a shrimp boil!
Afterwards, I went to hang out with Andy and some of his friends. 
Saturday I had to work at the concession stand at my sisters high school (My Alma mater).
It was nice seeing my old teachers, but I could care less about seeing my old classmates.
I loved high school, but I really hate going back to events or just for a visit. 
It was a very eye opening experience.

I then curled my sisters hair for her first homecoming!
Let's just say my sisters high school experience is off to a rocky start.
She didn't have a group of girls to get ready or to hang out with afterwards.
She did meet up with a group of girls for pictures beforehand!

While she was dancing at her first homecoming, I was dancing at Girls night!
I can cross of Sex on the beach and S'more martini off my list of drinks to try.
Sex on the beach was good but the S'more martini(they lite the marshmallow on fire!) was way to sweet for my liking.

I left girls night early to hang out with my sister after the dance.
It has been a tradition to go tping after the homecoming dance since forever.
I felt bad that no one wanted to go with my sister, because they were afraid to get caught.
So I texted Andy my dilemma and he got a group of friends together for me.
In high school, I went tping with high schoolers and she got to go tping with guys in their early to mid 20's, plus her awesome sister(And our dad tagged a long for one house). I think she wins in the cool category.

We finally brought my sister home between 2;30 and 3:00. 
I would say that she had a good time!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rae's Driving School

Welcome to Rae's Driving School!

Warning: Please excuse the language that this driving school instructor tends to use. Sometimes you need to use profanity in order to get your point across.

This post was brought to you by all the asshole drivers that pissed me off today. I literally missed my two exits today, because people do not know how to drive. I hope you find this Driving School informative!

  1. Everyone knows that the "speed limit" is just a suggestion! You are not suppose to go 45mph when the speed limit signs says 45mph. You always need to go at least 5mph over the speed limit or people will get annoyed with you! 
  2. The left lane is for people that know how to drive properly! You do not know how to drive properly if you go the actual speed limit or don't know how to move over when a car is on your ass. It is that simple!
  3. When driving in the right lane you need to be aware of people that are signaling to get into your lane in order to exit. Missing an exit, because some asshole does not know how to make room, does not make for a happy driver. It is not our fault that you are stuck in the right lane, because you think that following the exact speed limit is the way to drive. Unfortunately, exits are on the right side of the road and our paths must cross. 
  4. Do not be that ridiculous person that is on their phone at a red light and does not notice that the light turned green a long time ago! I understanding check your phone while at a stop light but there is no need to update your twitter, facebook, and instagram at one stop light. Horns will be blown and fingers will be flashed if you try to pull this move.
  5. Buicks have the right to go slow, but cars that look like they should go fast, do not. If you decided to spend your money on a car with a lot of horsepower, you better be using it! Every cool point you got when you bought that car is gone when not used properly.
  6. Use your turn signal.  It is one of the easiest parts of driving and if you cannot handle that, you need to walk. I would say bike, but apparently bikes are suppose to use your arms for a turn signal.
  7. Turn off your brights when a car is heading towards you on the opposite lane. Easy enough? 
  8. Always wear your seat belt in a car and a helmet on a motorcycle. You know what we call people that don't follow this rule? Organ donors. 
I hope you learned a lot during this first installment of Rae's Driving School. These eight simple rules will help you determine if you are capable of driving or if you need to go back to your mother carpooling you around town. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween in September

Victoria and I both the day off today.
We decided to spend it on some good ole' fall activities!
We got apple picking, a pumpkin patch and a wagon ride crossed off our fall activities list!

On our way home, Katie called and invited us to go hang out with her parents and their friends at a campground for a few hours. The entire campground was celebrating Halloween in September.
Within minutes of our arrival Katie's dad was handing us shots and making us drinks.
Katie was going to be our designated driver that night so we were all set.

The kids went around and got candy.
The adults went around and got jello shots.

The "nurses" and "doctors" drove around in a golf cart handing out syringes filled with jello or pudding shots.
What a brilliant idea!
 I had three of them. 

We stayed for four hours and finally Katie made us leave.
As we were pulling out of the campsite Katie's mom mooned us.
You know you're beyond wasted when you start mooning your daughter and her friends.

We returned back to our house and I had to chase down Victoria, because she decided to go for a walk. Once I got her inside, she decided to crawl in bed with my parents and cry. She was literally crying about how sad life is. 

No matter how hard life is at least your drunk friend didn't crawl into bed with your parents and cry.
My mom was literally sleeping and was woken up by a drunk college student crawling into her bed.
I cant wait to remind her about this in the morning!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I miss Winona. Here is another almost forgotten post that made me happy and sad at the same time.

There were two different couples saying goodbye in the UPAC office.

Kristin: The PDA in this office is vomit worthy

A typical conversation about our future together.

Rae: You should have a baby.
Shandell: Why?
Rae: I want to cuddle one. We would make awesome parents together!
Shandell: Right? You and I will get custody and Brady will just pay us
Rae: Sounds like a plan.

Ramp vs. Steps

Danielle: Why are you taking the ramp?
Rae: Im avoiding the stairs.
Danielle: There are only four steps.
Rae: Four steps to many.
Danielle: Way to represent America.

Some floor bonding going on...

Scott: They are going to travel around the world and bang in every country!
Hayley: Scott! That was a private conversation.

Gotta love parents.

Shandell: He had a ping pong ball table in the barn and his mom actually thought it was for ping pong.

The perks of having lofted beds

Anna: I need to make a running start to get into my bed.
Hayley: True story! When she's drunk it gets interesting.

Shandell and I should clearly not go out anymore.

Shandell: That one guy contacted me.
Me: What guy?
Shandell: The one that I was "dancing" with when you were making out with that one guy.
Me: We are some classy people.

Future nurses of America

Jordan: I wear blueberry colored scrubs. Sort of like the color of my hair!

Eat before you drink

Random Girl: We are advocating eating before drinking alcohol and thats why we are handing out free food!
Jessica: At least the university isn't in denial that the majority of the people at this concert will be wasted.
Random girl: We are also handing out mocktails! Safe sex on the beach anyone?
Jessica: Any respect I had for this university just left with that offer.

Doors have handles?

Jessica: Did you run into the door?
Kristin: I forgot that there was a handle.
Me: You forgot that there was a handle on a door?
Kristin: It has been a long day.

Phone call after a rough night

Kayla: Can you come pick me up?
Jessica: Where are you?
Kayla: I think the guy said 135 9th st.
Jessica: Honey, we share a backyard with that house.
Kayla: What really? (walks outside) I see our house!

My friend Ashley is getting to the next level with her boyfriend.

Ashley: This is going to be a bad weekend. I get to meet the parents, grandparents, and the scuba diving club.
Rae: You're worried about meeting the scuba diving club?
Ashley: They are a big deal apparently!
Rae: I guess I need to put that on the list of things to be worried about meeting.

Making fun of popular shoes

Dave: Im wearing my sperrys in case a yacht comes to Winona!
Ethan: Im wearing my combat boots in case a war breaks out!

Mood Rings

Sam: Im so cold my mood ring thinks Im stressed

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend with the boys

This past weekend Andy invited me to come up north with him and some of his friends. 
I really like Andy's group of friends and I was excited to go!
Andy's best friend/my 3rd cousin(Small world!) Doug has a cabin and 100 acres about two hours away. 
Doug's parents are loaded so they have a lot of money to spend on "toys". 
They cleared a ton of four wheeler trails for their four wheelers, dirt bike and the Ranger.
There is a zip line, pond, and a floating party barge. 

Connor has an old Toyota Camry and he is getting a new car next weekend.
We took the Camry on the tiny four wheeler trails, launched it off of hills, and did a lot of drifting in the open fields. By the end of the day the entire car was scratched from the branches we hit, the front right light was smashed, and the coolant reservoir was upside down and completely empty when we popped the hood.

On Saturday night we played tag and hide-n-go seek with the dirt bike, two four wheelers, the Ranger, and the Camry. I also shot a gun and went on the zipline!

I honestly have no idea how we all managed to stay alive this weekend.
Everyone was drinking the entire weekend and we had motorized vehicles going all over the place at high speeds.

There were two other girlfriends there and I really got along with them!
Andy has an awesome group of friends! I liked how he could go do his own thing and I felt comfortable chilling with his friends. I can't wait to go back!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Small Moments

I was recently thinking about how even the small things in life shape who you are. They may seem meaningless or to small to matter, but when you look back they were important. My roommate and I were talking about what we would do different in our life if we had a chance. We mentioned a few situations in life, but then we started connecting the dots. If that thing didn't occur then a another thing would not have happened and so on.

I don't remember the exact circumstances that led me to my friends in high school. Sure, I remember meeting them, sitting next to them in lunch,  and attending homecoming, but I do not remember that one specific moment where they turned from acquaintance to friends for the next 4 years. What if I had the opportunity to redo that time period, but somehow missed that one moment? That group of friends shaped me into the person I am today. Who would I have become without that one moment, that I do not even remember?

I don't remember when I decided to become a nurse. I know that I was around 5 or 6, but I could not tell you why I decided that was what I wanted to be when I got older. What or who flipped that switch inside my head? Here I am 12 years later in college going for my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I chose to attend Winona State,because of their nursing program. Would I have ended up there even if I didn't want to be a nurse? This past year I've learned so much about myself. I wouldn't want to change my experience here.

I met my friend Katie, on the bus, in Kindergarten. She is still one of my best friends to this day. What if when she asked if she could sit next to me, I said "no"? In middle school I had my first taste of alcohol in her kitchen and that was the beginning of many stupid choices.

Plus, every person you have met have had moments that have made them who they are today. Their moments are bound to trickle down and somehow affect your life even in a small way.

Life is interesting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

College Tips

Thank goodness I finally opened my draft folder, because I have found some good half written posts! This lovely "college tips" post somehow got lost and I think it is time to be posted!

1. Go out on your own

At first I was worried about leaving everyone back home and moving to a different state. I felt like I would be missing out on things by leaving. It did take me a while to adjust, but after going home a few times I am so glad that I left. No one knew who I was in Winona. I could reinvent myself, meet all new friends, and just get away from the home town drama.

2. Having a good roommate is key

My first semester I had a terrible roommate. She didn't want to be friends and would never leave our room. I tried to avoid my room and her at all costs. I was miserable and never felt at home until she ended up leaving. My second semester I had a friend move in with me and that was the best decision ever! She became one of my best friends! We had a blast together. If you don't like your roommate, change! It may be awkward announcing you are leaving, but living with someone you don't like is even worse.

4. Don't judge a book by its cover

This applies to all sorts of things in college. I took a nutrition class this past semester and I thought I was going to hate it. The syllabus was intimidating and I had heard bad things about the class. I ended up learning so much in that class and I really enjoyed it! I'm glad I didn't let my initial fear stop me from taking it. This also applies to the people you meet. I have such a random assortment of friends that come from all different backgrounds. A lot of my friends I would not have become friends with if I had gone with my initial reaction when meeting them.

5. Study

I never learned how to study until I got to college. That was a big mistake, because I had to learn very quickly. I know a lot of people that did not put any efforts into their academics their first semester and they either dropped out or are stuck repeating classes. College is expensive and you might as well get your moneys worth and learn something.

6. Have fun

I work my ass off in order to get good grades and to make room for fun. Take advantage of any free time you have! Even if that means you are going out with your friends on a Tuesday night. College leaves a lot of random times off and you just have to plan accordingly.

7. You can say no

There is so much to do in college and there is not enough time for it all. It can be really easy to pack your schedule full of stuff even if you don't really want to do all of it. You don't need to commit to everything thrown at you. Also, this applies to drugs, sex, or alcohol!

8. Try to stay in touch

I felt like I was in a totally different world in Winona. This may sound bad, but sometimes I forgot about my life back in Green Bay. It was hard balancing my friendships back home and keeping up with all the happenings of college life. I always loved re-connecting with my friends back home though. Call your friends while walking to class, write letters back and forth, make Facetime/Skype dates,etc. It is possible to have the best of both worlds!

9. Don't be afraid to change schools

Sometimes life doesn't exactly follow the path you had in mind. I thought I would stay in Winona for all four years of college, but I decided the debt wasn't worth it. My friend Sarah transferred after her first semester of college, because she didn't think her college was the right fit. Transferring credits is a pain in the ass and leaving friends is hard, but if you feel the need to transfer, do it.

10. Go at your own pace

I always thought everyone graduated college in four years. I could not be more wrong! People graduate college in all different time frames. It doesn't matter how long it takes you! Go at your own pace. If you cant handle a full class load, drop a few classes. If you need to take time off, take time off! Everyone is different and so is everyone's college time table.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Family of five

Well, one of my best friends moved into my house. When I say "my house" I really mean my parents house. This should make a few interesting stories. When I was younger I use to dream of my friends moving into my house and becoming my sisters. That was 10+ years ago and that dream finally came true! Moral of the story? Never give up on your childhood dreams. I always wanted to have a big family or at least another sibling. This whole living together with my family is pretty close to signing adoption least I think it is.

She has been here about a week and I think everyone is adjusting well. She has had movie night with my mom and sister without me, she adds things she needs to the grocery list, and I  miss her when she leaves to go to work.

I think I like being a family of five!