Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween in September

Victoria and I both the day off today.
We decided to spend it on some good ole' fall activities!
We got apple picking, a pumpkin patch and a wagon ride crossed off our fall activities list!

On our way home, Katie called and invited us to go hang out with her parents and their friends at a campground for a few hours. The entire campground was celebrating Halloween in September.
Within minutes of our arrival Katie's dad was handing us shots and making us drinks.
Katie was going to be our designated driver that night so we were all set.

The kids went around and got candy.
The adults went around and got jello shots.

The "nurses" and "doctors" drove around in a golf cart handing out syringes filled with jello or pudding shots.
What a brilliant idea!
 I had three of them. 

We stayed for four hours and finally Katie made us leave.
As we were pulling out of the campsite Katie's mom mooned us.
You know you're beyond wasted when you start mooning your daughter and her friends.

We returned back to our house and I had to chase down Victoria, because she decided to go for a walk. Once I got her inside, she decided to crawl in bed with my parents and cry. She was literally crying about how sad life is. 

No matter how hard life is at least your drunk friend didn't crawl into bed with your parents and cry.
My mom was literally sleeping and was woken up by a drunk college student crawling into her bed.
I cant wait to remind her about this in the morning!

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