Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homecoming 2014

I had Friday(besides my class), Saturday, and Sunday off this weekend.
That is a rarity in the food industry.

Victoria and I spent Friday night with the Nimmers. 
We went pontooning and to a shrimp boil!
Afterwards, I went to hang out with Andy and some of his friends. 
Saturday I had to work at the concession stand at my sisters high school (My Alma mater).
It was nice seeing my old teachers, but I could care less about seeing my old classmates.
I loved high school, but I really hate going back to events or just for a visit. 
It was a very eye opening experience.

I then curled my sisters hair for her first homecoming!
Let's just say my sisters high school experience is off to a rocky start.
She didn't have a group of girls to get ready or to hang out with afterwards.
She did meet up with a group of girls for pictures beforehand!

While she was dancing at her first homecoming, I was dancing at Girls night!
I can cross of Sex on the beach and S'more martini off my list of drinks to try.
Sex on the beach was good but the S'more martini(they lite the marshmallow on fire!) was way to sweet for my liking.

I left girls night early to hang out with my sister after the dance.
It has been a tradition to go tping after the homecoming dance since forever.
I felt bad that no one wanted to go with my sister, because they were afraid to get caught.
So I texted Andy my dilemma and he got a group of friends together for me.
In high school, I went tping with high schoolers and she got to go tping with guys in their early to mid 20's, plus her awesome sister(And our dad tagged a long for one house). I think she wins in the cool category.

We finally brought my sister home between 2;30 and 3:00. 
I would say that she had a good time!

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Elisebeth Hovland said...

My sister is having that rocky high school experience as well.. Tell Lex she's great and she'll find her niche soon I'm sure!
Miss you! (Come crash the wedding Friday!)