Friday, September 12, 2014


I miss Winona. Here is another almost forgotten post that made me happy and sad at the same time.

There were two different couples saying goodbye in the UPAC office.

Kristin: The PDA in this office is vomit worthy

A typical conversation about our future together.

Rae: You should have a baby.
Shandell: Why?
Rae: I want to cuddle one. We would make awesome parents together!
Shandell: Right? You and I will get custody and Brady will just pay us
Rae: Sounds like a plan.

Ramp vs. Steps

Danielle: Why are you taking the ramp?
Rae: Im avoiding the stairs.
Danielle: There are only four steps.
Rae: Four steps to many.
Danielle: Way to represent America.

Some floor bonding going on...

Scott: They are going to travel around the world and bang in every country!
Hayley: Scott! That was a private conversation.

Gotta love parents.

Shandell: He had a ping pong ball table in the barn and his mom actually thought it was for ping pong.

The perks of having lofted beds

Anna: I need to make a running start to get into my bed.
Hayley: True story! When she's drunk it gets interesting.

Shandell and I should clearly not go out anymore.

Shandell: That one guy contacted me.
Me: What guy?
Shandell: The one that I was "dancing" with when you were making out with that one guy.
Me: We are some classy people.

Future nurses of America

Jordan: I wear blueberry colored scrubs. Sort of like the color of my hair!

Eat before you drink

Random Girl: We are advocating eating before drinking alcohol and thats why we are handing out free food!
Jessica: At least the university isn't in denial that the majority of the people at this concert will be wasted.
Random girl: We are also handing out mocktails! Safe sex on the beach anyone?
Jessica: Any respect I had for this university just left with that offer.

Doors have handles?

Jessica: Did you run into the door?
Kristin: I forgot that there was a handle.
Me: You forgot that there was a handle on a door?
Kristin: It has been a long day.

Phone call after a rough night

Kayla: Can you come pick me up?
Jessica: Where are you?
Kayla: I think the guy said 135 9th st.
Jessica: Honey, we share a backyard with that house.
Kayla: What really? (walks outside) I see our house!

My friend Ashley is getting to the next level with her boyfriend.

Ashley: This is going to be a bad weekend. I get to meet the parents, grandparents, and the scuba diving club.
Rae: You're worried about meeting the scuba diving club?
Ashley: They are a big deal apparently!
Rae: I guess I need to put that on the list of things to be worried about meeting.

Making fun of popular shoes

Dave: Im wearing my sperrys in case a yacht comes to Winona!
Ethan: Im wearing my combat boots in case a war breaks out!

Mood Rings

Sam: Im so cold my mood ring thinks Im stressed

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