Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend with the boys

This past weekend Andy invited me to come up north with him and some of his friends. 
I really like Andy's group of friends and I was excited to go!
Andy's best friend/my 3rd cousin(Small world!) Doug has a cabin and 100 acres about two hours away. 
Doug's parents are loaded so they have a lot of money to spend on "toys". 
They cleared a ton of four wheeler trails for their four wheelers, dirt bike and the Ranger.
There is a zip line, pond, and a floating party barge. 

Connor has an old Toyota Camry and he is getting a new car next weekend.
We took the Camry on the tiny four wheeler trails, launched it off of hills, and did a lot of drifting in the open fields. By the end of the day the entire car was scratched from the branches we hit, the front right light was smashed, and the coolant reservoir was upside down and completely empty when we popped the hood.

On Saturday night we played tag and hide-n-go seek with the dirt bike, two four wheelers, the Ranger, and the Camry. I also shot a gun and went on the zipline!

I honestly have no idea how we all managed to stay alive this weekend.
Everyone was drinking the entire weekend and we had motorized vehicles going all over the place at high speeds.

There were two other girlfriends there and I really got along with them!
Andy has an awesome group of friends! I liked how he could go do his own thing and I felt comfortable chilling with his friends. I can't wait to go back!

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