Sunday, October 12, 2014


I have become that girl who spends almost all of her free time with her boyfriend. :/

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but I really dislike it when girls have no life outside of their relationship. My dilemma (Yes, I have a dilemma regarding hanging out with my boyfriend too much. Don't judge me) is that I really like his group of friends and we hang out with them a lot. Their party style is the same as mine, they have similar senses of humor, they know how to have fun, I never have to buy my own alcohol/food, there has never even been a threat of the cops showing up, and I get along really well with all of their girlfriends. It is literally a perfect situation, except for the fact that I'm always with Andy and his friends and rarely with my own.

So please forgive me if I have not seen you in a while. It takes only 10 minutes to get to everything I mentioned above and after a long week of work and classes that's about all my lazy ass wants to drive.

I should also add that I like to hang out with Andy when it is just the two of us. I made it sound like I only use him for his friends, but we always have a good time when it is just us.

Weekend Recap:

I feel like a redneck every time I go to a party with Andy and his friends. They come up with some of the most random things to do. They wanted to play beer pong, but there wasn't any ping pong balls, so they used acorns. Who thinks of that stuff?
They buy cheap and junky cars for the sole purpose of destroying them.
There "new" junk car was used in a game of Car vs. Four wheeler.
Two people (a driver and a shooter) would ride around on the four wheeler and the goal was to pelt the car on one side. The driver of the car had to maneuver the car in order to avoid being shot on that side. That involved lots of drifting and driving erratically. 
It was such a good time! 

After we ran out of paint balls, the nice trucks and jeeps decided to join us in the field. 
There were a few close calls while drifting and spinning in the cars, but we all survived....this time. 

Two high school girls randomly showed up at this little get together. One of them was one of the guys cousins or something like that? They arrived drunk (Yes, they drove themselves) and then decided to invite some random guys. They should up in a red Jeep and were the only ones to get stuck in the field. Everyone was annoyed with them. The girls finally decided to leave, which was a ridiculous decision because they were wasted. So we took their keys and insisted that we drive them home. The 18 year old said, "I can drink and drive, because I already have a DUI." 
No one, especially people in high school, should be getting DUI's and if you have one it should be a wake up call. I will never understand the stupidity of some people and how they never learn from their mistakes. So I got to be the designated drivers for two random girls.

Besides, the two dumb ass high school girls, it was a great way to spend Friday night. After an entire week of studying it was a great stress reliever.

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