Monday, October 6, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • My mom came up to me and said, "You need to get a job" after I came home from a long day of working at both of my jobs. That made me feel great, because apparently two jobs doesn't even count as one in my mothers world. 

  • My parents are also mad at me, because I booked a plane ticket to Florida. Apparently, I should be paying for my education instead. Sometimes I wish my parents would just realize that if I lived my life, like they lived theirs, I would be miserable. They haven't been on a vacation in years and they rarely take time off of work. I need adventure in my life and I'm not going to put my life on hold until after I graduate college. 

  • Gilmore Girls is finally on Netflix! I have loved seeing my facebook feed filled with Gilmore Girl related things. Also, it is nice not having to worry about missing disc's or if I'll ever get my Season 1 back from Sarah. I also get the pleasure of introducing so many more people to the lovely town of Stars Hollow and all of the characters that live there. 

  • I tried an anchovy. It was disgusting and I do not recommend it. 

  • I've been struggling between wanting a life that involves traveling and being a free spirit or living a life that involves settling down with a family and a stable job. It's times like these where I wish that reincarnation was real. It wouldn't matter if I couldn't fit everything I wanted into one life, because I would have many more lives to fill with adventure.

  • Can we just talk about what is considered "good" music now days compared to even a decade or two ago? We need to raise our standards, because it is embarrassing to see what is making the charts.

  • I love re-hearing a song that you have long forgotten about. My recent favorite is Hit 'Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell. I know that I completely went against what I was saying in the previous bullet point, but this is way better than Anaconda or whatever Justin Bieber calls music.

  • One of my managers told me that I needed to go home and practice washing windows, because I apparently sucked at it. She wanted me to send her a snap chat of me practicing. I need a new job.

  • My boyfriend is constantly saying and/or texting me the cutest things. I swear that kid has a book called, "Every cute thing a boyfriend needs to say to their girlfriend". I feel bad, but I literally have started to roll my eyes when he starts saying these things, because he says them all the time! He has managed to text me "good morning" every day since we started dating...and sometimes I forget to text him back. Oops. I'm a terrible girlfriend, I know I should really appreciate it, but I suck at coming up with cheesy things to say to him. I got this text the other night out of the blue... 
    • "Good night beautiful. You're the most amazing amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for and I'm extremely lucky to have you. I just want you to know that. :)"

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