Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I spend three days a week being a slave/chauffeur to a four year old and some days I get an additional four year added to the mix. Some days I leave needing a stiff drink and wanting to schedule the surgery to get my tubes tied and other days I love getting to be a kid again.

I was downloading music onto my iPod and I realized that none of them were "Sam" friendly. The majority of the songs on my iPod are not "Sam" friendly either. I think a song is okay for a four year old until a swear word gets sung and I scramble to change the song. When did that word get there? I honestly have gotten so use to swear words and inappropriate song themes that I'm shocked to hear them in a song I've listened to multiple times. I pretty much need to create a specific playlist for our car rides together. That playlist can only include girl singers, because that is what Sam prefers.

Some of my favorite conversations with the little spitfire...

After I said we couldn't go to Target
Sam: We are not best friends anymore, but tomorrow we will be again.

Being called out on my road rage
Sam: Who are you yelling at?
Me: The driver of the car in front of us.
Sam: Why?
Me: They do not know how to drive.
Sam: And you are trying to tell them?
Me: Yes.
Sam: I don't think they can hear you.
Me: I don't think they can either.
Sam: So you're really just yelling at yourself.
Me: .....You are right.

My new custody arrangement
Sam: We decided that you can live with me during the week and Ilia on the weekends.

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