Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanksgiving involved brunch at Andy's grandma's house, lunch at my aunts house, and dinner at his other grandparents house. I perfectly planned my eating plan and never felt overly full the entire day. It was fantastic! I somehow got invited to brunch with Andy's mom, his aunts, and a few cousins on Black Friday. The brunch was a lot of fun. I got invited to cousins night in, which was really nice of them. I think his side of the family likes me! I didn't get any pictures of us together, sadly.

Short Asians can easily be confused for small children
Liv: Why isn't that kid in bed?
Katelyn: Liv, that's just an Asian midget.

The first friend of mine that Andy's mother met and this occurred...
Victoria: The only thing I remember saying to her was, "Want to take a shot with me?"

The sad story of a poor college student.
Sarah: Do you know that the dollar stores sells meat? I found out because I ran out of my meal plan and I have five weeks of school left.

When there is a parrot at a party...
Victoria: Yo man there was like some random tropical ass bird there.
Rae: You mean a parrot?
Victoria: Oh yeah....a parrot.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Guys

My college experience this year has been so different compared to last years.
Last year I was drinking at frat parties, living in the dorms/library, and constantly meeting new people.
This year I live at home with one of my best friends, I drink at my house or my other friends homes, and I pretty much stick to hanging out with people I know.

It's been an interesting adjustment, but I'm really happy with my life right now. So I guess that change wasn't a bad change!

I must say that Andy's friends(and Andy himself) have become my go-to guys and have really made my life a lot more fun. 
When I'm craving a party I call up Andy and ask if the guys are up for a good time.
I'm constantly getting the most random snapchats from them or getting invited to join in on their weird shenanigans. 

I've never had a lot of guy friends and I'm really wishing I would have.
They are always introducing me to new things and I've felt like we have been friends forever.

So next time any of you want to go blow shit up, go muddin', or have a garage party these guys are the ones to call. 

Even though I end up leaving the next morning feel not the greatest....
It's totally worth it!
You know you're comfortable with people when you don't care that your make-up is smeared and your hair is a mess the next morning. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Food for Thought

 I have an addiction to Tumblr and I'm not afraid to admit it. The site can really open your eyes to a lot of things and I'm constantly running across bits of information or ideas that just blow my mind.

The majority of the things I post are about feminism. So I had to include at least one thing regarding that topic. Enjoy the nipples!

If you don't understand what this picture is trying to get across I feel very sad for you, but I'd be glad to have a nice long chat about it!