Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanksgiving involved brunch at Andy's grandma's house, lunch at my aunts house, and dinner at his other grandparents house. I perfectly planned my eating plan and never felt overly full the entire day. It was fantastic! I somehow got invited to brunch with Andy's mom, his aunts, and a few cousins on Black Friday. The brunch was a lot of fun. I got invited to cousins night in, which was really nice of them. I think his side of the family likes me! I didn't get any pictures of us together, sadly.

Short Asians can easily be confused for small children
Liv: Why isn't that kid in bed?
Katelyn: Liv, that's just an Asian midget.

The first friend of mine that Andy's mother met and this occurred...
Victoria: The only thing I remember saying to her was, "Want to take a shot with me?"

The sad story of a poor college student.
Sarah: Do you know that the dollar stores sells meat? I found out because I ran out of my meal plan and I have five weeks of school left.

When there is a parrot at a party...
Victoria: Yo man there was like some random tropical ass bird there.
Rae: You mean a parrot?
Victoria: Oh yeah....a parrot.

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