Monday, December 8, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z

My life has been so hectic this semester, but I've loved every minute of it!
Everything just feels in place in my life and it's a great feeling.

Last week I went to the Children's Museum with Sam. 
She was the cutest firefighter I've ever seen!

I bought Boot's new Christmas pajamas!
He outgrew (He packed on a few pounds) his old pajamas and it was time for some new ones.
Isn't he adorable!

I also complained about how my mom never gave us St.Nick presents. 
I came home to this....
She didn't have enough stockings for Victoria, but a bag was a good substitute!
We got coal (candy meant to look like coal).
Thanks mom!

Andy's mom is on vacation and he had a huge party on Saturday night. I got to be the designated driver that night, but I still had fun. I really like the girlfriends of Andy's friends and spent the majority of the time hanging with them. They weren't drinking either so we were in the same boat. 

This is Andy coming to my rescue.
My stuff was in this room, but it was preoccupied.
He thought I was kidding until he started eavesdropping...
He failed at his rescue attempt.

Poor Selner was having a rough night and decided to drink his problems away.
Unfortunately, his girl troubles seemed to get worse the more he drank.
Go figure.

This is the address of the house Beyonce and Jay Z are in a bidding war over.
It's only on the market for 85 million!
So if you're ever in Beverly Hills you can be all stalkerish.
You're welcome,

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