Thursday, January 8, 2015


We went to two different beaches while in Florida.
The first one was called New Symrna. 
You could drive and park on the actual sand. 
It was not busy so we had a whole section to ourselves.
The waves were fairly large, especially if you swam out far enough.

For lunch, we got some legit seafood at a cute little restaurant not far from the beach.
I'm glad that I have started to like seafood, because it is so yummy!

We only spent a few hours at this beach, because it was getting windy.
We managed to get some cute pictures during our time there.

The second beach we visited was Clearwater Beach.
That entire area is aimed at tourists, which meant it took forever to make it through traffic, but it was worth it!
We all bought bucket hats to rock on the beach.
They were a success!

At first, the water was chilly, but once you got in it was really refreshing!
We spent a lot of time swimming, walking the boardwalk, laying out on the beach, and just taking in the day.

We brought two cars down to the beach, but Josh's broke down at the beach. 
We then had to pile 8 people into a small truck. 
It was a long 2 hour drive back.

Olivia has a GoPro which we had a blast with.
You can take amazing pictures under the water, etc.
She also had a selfie stick for it.

It was nice being at the beach, while everyone back at home was complaining about negative degree weather.
Going back home will be a shock to the system. 
I'm glad I soaked up as much sun as possible!

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I love this first post and I haven't had chance to read any others but I love taking cute 'tumblr' photos and I've got one on my blog if you don't mind checking it out x