Friday, January 16, 2015

The Fight

When we weren't exploring Florida, swimming in the ocean, kayaking with gators, or at Universal we were at Victoria's Oma's house or swimming in her pool.
Eleven people were in that house for 9 days.
That included Victoria's mother(Christina), two sisters(Angela and Eva), one brother(Josh), Christina's boyfriend Ron, Angela's boyfriend Eddie, Josh's boyfriend Damian, Victoria, Olivia, Oma, and Me. 
There was some family drama which was very entertaining.
Oma can be very sweet, until you piss her off.
She never yelled at me or Olivia, but no one else was as lucky.
She also doesn't believe in using microwaves.
So the family has one hidden in the garage to use.
I almost got caught walking in from the garage with my bowl of spaghetti.
How do you explain something like that? 

My favorite night was when Victoria, Olivia, and I got in a fight with Angela's boyfriend Eddie.
He is 45 years old, doesn't have a job, doesn't own a car(or have a license) and literally spends all of his time upstairs playing video games. I only saw him at night when he came down to grab something to eat and then he would go back to play video games.

One night he started yelling at Angela, because she didn't want to drive him to the gym at 10pm.
Eddie treats her like shit all the time and Victoria flipped a lid on him this time.
When he started to throw insults at Victoria, Olivia and I stepped in to defend her and Angela.
It was great!
Three 19 year old girls fighting with a 47 year old black guy.

I don't remember a lot about the fight, but I remember him trying to justify not having a job and it was a total fail on his part. 

Rae: Why don't you get a job and do something with your life!
Eddie: I can't. I don't have a car.
Olivia: You could always ride a bike.
Rae: Why don't you have a car?
Eddie: I don't have a license.
Rae: Why don't you have a license?
Eddie: I lost it because I got a DUI.
Rae: Woah! What a keeper! You're such a dumb ass. Did you really think that was going to make me feel bad for you? 

This went on for hours!
It was either us three yelling at Eddie or Angela talking with Eddie "alone" while we all listened in from another room. Victoria even got a little physical with him, but I would have too if he was saying that kind of shit about my family. Everyone, except Eddie, thought it was hilarious watching us fight with him. 

This is the second time within a months time that I have fought with a guy. It's always entertaining, but I hope it's not an on going trend. I was enjoying my drama free life.

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