Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week Update

Winter break is such a good time!
Saturday Victoria and I went to a house party with the guys.
Victoria's phone went missing and two days later was found in a cereal box.
Thanks guys. 
Victoria got called a slut by some asshole, because she likes hugging people when she is drunk.
I then got called a bitch by the same guy, because I was questioning why he would even say such a ridiculous thing. 
No voices were raised and no fighting occurred!
I was very proud of us for dealing with him in such a civil way.
That guy also happens to be one of Andy's best friends.
So that went over real well.
Apparently, someone also peed on his car door handles that night.
Under normal circumstances I would feel bad for the kid, because that is just cruel, but after my night with him he kind of deserved anything coming to him. 

On Tuesday, Victoria and I had a date night with each other. We both got $25 gift certificates to Longhorn Steakhouse. We got the most expensive steaks that we have ever had and they were amazing! Victoria's phone was still missing so we had a phone free evening. I really loved it! We had each others full attention. I don't remember the last time I have had dinner without the distraction of a phone. 
On Wednesday, I had my CNA state exam. I hadn't looked over the material since May and I was certain I was going to fail. I ended up passing, even with my stuttering during the skills exam part. My partner for the skills part didn't pass, which was a shock to me, because I thought she did a lot better!

On Thursday, we had a girls night, plus our DD's to and from the bar.
We pre-gamed at our house and Andy drove us to the bar.
Andy had to work the next morning, so Selner offered to drive us back home.

We were just at a small country bar, but it was a blast!
I ended up meeting this nice old lady named Frankie.
She was just drinking water, but she handled my drunk self fantastically!
We talked about religion, politics, Haiti, and nursing school.
We had the same views on religion and politics, she has the opportunity to go to Haiti for a month(I went to Haiti twice), and she is a nurse who graduated from the college I'm attending! 

Our bartender Mouse was pretty cool too. I found out that my Uncle Keith actually bar tends at her bar on Sundays! What a small world. Hopefully I represented the family well.

We ended up leaving the bar around 1:30 and headed to Blackstone.
Blackstone is a restaurant that is open 24/7 which is perfect for drunk people.
We made friends with the waitress and a guy named Marc.

I ended up getting burned from a car cigarette lighter.
That's what I get from trying to save my friends lungs!
I have a nice circular burn on my hand.

We danced, a drank, we ate, we played pool, and we went home and crashed.
It was a great Thirsty Thursday and a lovely way to celebrate my half birthday!

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