Monday, January 12, 2015


We went swimming and kayaking at Wekiva Springs/Wekiva River.
There is a natural spring that feeds into the gator infested river.

We kayaked about two miles down the river and another two miles back up.
Kayaking down stream was a breeze, but going back up was not the most enjoyable experience.
There have only been a few gator attacks here, but that fact did not make me feel any more comfortable.

We ended up all coming out of the experience alive!
Every once in a while my paddle would hit a log in the water and I'd freak out for a second thinking it was a gator.

We swam in the spring for a while.
It's directly connected to the river and gators can come and go as they please.
The water is crystal clear so that made me a little less afraid.
The water was so warm! 

Wekiva was probably one of my favorite experiences in Florida.
We were surrounded by nature and taking in all it had to offer.

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