Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My lesbian lovers

I feel like I talk about my best friends a lot, but I have been blessed with so many amazing girls(now women) in my life! I feel bad for those girls that mention how they only like having guy friends for one reason or another. Guy friends are great, but I think that those girls just haven't found an amazing group of female friends. 

Victoria and I joke around about how we would be a perfect lesbian couple, unfortunately we like guys. Andy has even admitted that he feels like he's dating two girls, because we are always together. He even told Victoria that he knows that I love her more than him. Patience Andy! She has 15 years on your 8 months. 
My old roommate Shandell and I would joke about the same thing!
My friend Sarah and I have been mistaken for lesbians and have even used it to get away from creepy guys.
The best kind of friends are the ones that make people question your sexuality.
That is how you know your close with your gal pals!

Find a friend to be your fake lesbian lover!

Share your secrets, express your concerns, hug/cuddle the shit out of each other, and never forget that being called a lesbian is a compliment! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

All Grown Up

I was sitting at a bar next to a girl who has been one of my best friends since my freshmen year of high school, watching my best friend from kindergarten dig in her purse for a cigarette, my 24 year old boyfriend was getting ready to leave, and the bartender was using my name when she asked if I would like another drink.

When did I get old enough for this scenario to occur? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was thinking about what adventure I was going to go on during recess or learning about how cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are terrible things that we should all stay away from? Also, everytime I think about dating a 24 year old guy I feel like that should be illegal, but then I remember that I'm legally an adult... when did that happen?

I spent winter break in Florida, party in Milwaukee, and spent another weekend in Michigan.
I'm planning a two month long road trip with my friends for this summer. 
When did I get old enough to go on vacations( and mini-vacations) with friends instead of my parents?

I officially have more friends that are in their 20's than friends who are in their teens.
I swear that just yesterday all of my friends were excited about not being able to count their age on their fingers. When did we all grow up?

I know that I can't stop time, but sometimes I wish I could slow it down. 
I feel so content in life.
You know how life has a lot of ups and downs?
Well, I've been coasting on an "up" and I'm not ready for a "down" to make an appearance.

I'm sitting in my room that I share with my best friend, avoiding study for my college class, and I'm blogging on a blog that will be turning 6 in a few short months.
When did I get old enough for that?


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Inner Hick

I'd like to consider my self a city-ish girl. Green Bay is not a large city at all, but it's also not a small ass town in the middle of no where either. People recognize the name Green Bay(thank you Packers) and that makes it a city...which I live in.

I'm a city girl until I hear Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On by Neal McCoy at a bar. I dance and sing and any sign of being a city girl flies out the window. Andy had no idea that I actually danced...until that song started to play. I also prefer country bars to city bars. I'm either more country than I would like to admit or dating a country boy is starting to get to me. I have always preferred country music. Maybe, I shouldn't be surprised that such a hick sounding song can get me out on the dance floor.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

I have never had a movie worthy Valentines day until this year.
Andy surprised me with a beautiful flower bouquet when he picked me up.
We then headed downtown, because we had reservations at a fancy restaurant.
We each enjoyed our $40 steaks and $7 bloody marys, while pretending that we were richer then we actually are.

After dinner, we had time to spare before the movie.
So we walked around a few stores.
Andy and I decided to see Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was an okay movie.

After the movie, we were hungry again and decided to stop at the romantic fast food joint called Taco Bell. On our way there, we witnessed a high speed chase between a car and three police cars.
We then went back to my place to enjoy our taco bell and I made Andy watch a documentary on serial killers...

So it might not have been completely movie worthy, but I still had an amazing night with my guy! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Looking back on my sophomore year of high school, while I am a sophomore in college.
It's crazy how fast time flies.

We are all on different paths in life now, but at this point in time we were just high school sophomores taking pictures for homecoming, which was considered an important event at that time in our lives. We had problems that we have long forgotten about, fears that we have over come, and had dreams of graduating high school and attending college. We might have been wishing for now, but back then was a special time too. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I'm all for feminism and I hate to see how it has gotten a bad rap.
First of all, we are not man haters and if you think that you need to research what being a feminist is all about. 

And these are just some of the reasons why I am a feminist....

Monday, February 9, 2015


On October 6, 2010 I wrote a blog post...

"I'm suppose to be studying for English, Biology, and Spanish but instead I find myself here! No wonder people got better test scores back in the day....the Internet wasn't a distraction!
This is the question I'm stuck on....
Describe how the structure of a plasma membrane is involved in facilitated diffusion.

First, I have no idea what a facilitated diffusion is! Apparently this is preparing me for life though. I'm not exactly sure how but that's what they keep telling me! Seriously, why do we have to learn such pointless stuff in school? Think of how fast we could finish school if the subtracted out all of the useless things they teach us.

So that's all I have to say on this fine post. Back to studying pointless things that I will forget right after I finish taking the test....

Have a great night!

As a nursing major I just learned all about plasma membranes and how facilitated diffusion works. I will now admit that maybe everything I learned in high school was not pointless. Maybe, I should have paid better attention in Biology class....

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Thursday night Liv, Victoria, and I headed to Milwaukee. Victoria went to UWM last year and one of Liv's best guy friends goes to school there. We decided to spend the night at Lucas'(Liv's friend). On our way down, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, witnessed a guy get cut off by another car and hit a wall, and Liv almost got hit when she was backing out of a parking spot. What a great way to start the night!
We had a group to pregame with at Lucas' house. After a drinking game, a jam session with a ukulele, a few drunk story swaps, and a couple shots we were drunk. 

We brought two bottles of alcohol and only had one left when we walked over to Clair's house.
We joined in on their drinking game, danced, and somehow Victoria managed to punch me.
The whole story surrounding that incident is a little blurry, but I know it happened, because I have videos about me complaining about it. What a good time.

At 1am we decided to head back to Lucas' house, except when we arrived, all of the doors were locked. The guys decided to go bar hopping and locked the doors on us!
We had to walk all the way back to Clair's in the freezing cold.
In the meantime, Victoria let Clair give her a tattoo with ink and a sewing needle.
I made the smart drunk decision not to get a tattoo. 

After promising us pizza, Clair and Ryan decided to walk to Qdoba instead.
That was a real let least it was at the time.
We somehow made it back to Lucas' house.
All three of us slept on his couch.
I'm not sure how we managed to drink two bottles of alcohol and take multiple shots of Bacardi without dying, but we all survived with no one getting sick!

The next morning Liv had us up at 7am.
That girl does not like sleeping in after a night of drinking!
I pretty much wanted to kill her.
After we pulled ourselves together, we headed to the Mitchell Park Conservatory a.k.a The Domes.
I guess it was worth the $5 if you're ever in Milwaukee. 
If anything you can get some cool pictures and learn some new things about nature.

Victoria was in charge of directions and told Liv to take a right onto a one way street.
They didn't even notice until I calmly informed them...
On our way home, we stopped at Harrington Beach State Park.
You could literally walk on frozen waves!
The picture I have doesn't even show how huge some of these waves are.
I've walked on frozen water before, but knowing that this massive ice formation literally froze in action is cool.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I barely blogged in 2014! When I looked at these number comparisons I couldn't believe it. How did I manage to go an entire year with only 68 blog posts? I love being able to re-read old blog posts and reminisce about events that I have long forgotten about. I've been more busy, but I hope to get my numbers back up. Sometimes time just gets away from you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabin with the girls

I have not been making the best life decisions the past few weeks. You know how they say you feel invincible when you're young and that's how bad things happen? Yeah I've been pushing those boundaries and tempting fate a bit too much. I'd like to think that it has just been because I've been on break from school. Now that it has started again I'll get my act together....I hope.

The day after the Brad Paisley concert Sarah, Victoria, me, and the guys headed up north. 
It takes about an hour and a half to get there so us girls jammed the whole way up.
It was the perfect beginning to the ridiculous night we got ourselves into.

We arrived at the cabin at around 7.
By 7:30, the guys had the chili started, Connor had made and delivered us some drinks, and we got to watch it all happen while sitting comfortably on the couch. It is a great time to be a woman! The guys left to go on a quick snowmobile ride and we took advantage of our girl time. After chugging a few drinks, taking a couple shots, dancing our ass' off to music, and making sure we did our job of "stirring" the chili the guys came back to three drunk girls ready for a good time.

The guys joined in on our drinking, but there was no way that were drinking to get on our level.
We made the dumb decision to jump on the snowmobiles with the guys and let them drive us around.
Connor was so mean to us! 
We all almost died while attempting to hold on for dear life while riding those things.
I would not suggest going on a snowmobile while drunk, unless you have a nice driver driving you. 
Thank goodness that Doug's parent's cabin is on a ton of land and the only people we could harm were ourselves. 

After our snowmobile adventures we continued to do ridiculous things at the cabin. I learned that I am not very good at putting my nursing skills to use when I am drunk. That would explain why Sarah ended up falling into a shower and then proceeding to puke on me while lifting her out of the shower. Someone also got annoyed with having to wear clothes and proceeded to flash everyone. I won't name names... haha

We all survived the night and the majority of us woke up with our dignity still in tact. Sarah and Victoria were like annoying children the next morning. They woke Andy and I up and crawled into our bed. The guys made breakfast and we lounged on the couch and swapped stories about the previous night. When we weren't relaxing on the couch, we were hitting up the trails on snowmobiles and the ranger.

It was another great weekend with the crew! No one died or sustained any major injuries. We made a lot of memories that will be included in many stories in the future!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brad Paisley

My little Sydney Bean invited me to go see Brad Paisley with her and a few friends.
It was a great time!
We got floor seats and at one point were about 5ft away from him!
I've always been a country music fan and seeing what I would consider to be a "classic" is exciting!

It was a really good concert!
Brad put on a good show and so did his opening acts Parmalee and The Swon Brothers.
One of my favorite moments was when the chick a row in front of us got yelled at by a crazy female security guard, because she did the worm in the aisle. It was hilarious! We even got yelled at by the crazy lady.

What a fine lookin' country boy ass.