Monday, February 23, 2015

All Grown Up

I was sitting at a bar next to a girl who has been one of my best friends since my freshmen year of high school, watching my best friend from kindergarten dig in her purse for a cigarette, my 24 year old boyfriend was getting ready to leave, and the bartender was using my name when she asked if I would like another drink.

When did I get old enough for this scenario to occur? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was thinking about what adventure I was going to go on during recess or learning about how cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are terrible things that we should all stay away from? Also, everytime I think about dating a 24 year old guy I feel like that should be illegal, but then I remember that I'm legally an adult... when did that happen?

I spent winter break in Florida, party in Milwaukee, and spent another weekend in Michigan.
I'm planning a two month long road trip with my friends for this summer. 
When did I get old enough to go on vacations( and mini-vacations) with friends instead of my parents?

I officially have more friends that are in their 20's than friends who are in their teens.
I swear that just yesterday all of my friends were excited about not being able to count their age on their fingers. When did we all grow up?

I know that I can't stop time, but sometimes I wish I could slow it down. 
I feel so content in life.
You know how life has a lot of ups and downs?
Well, I've been coasting on an "up" and I'm not ready for a "down" to make an appearance.

I'm sitting in my room that I share with my best friend, avoiding study for my college class, and I'm blogging on a blog that will be turning 6 in a few short months.
When did I get old enough for that?


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