Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabin with the girls

I have not been making the best life decisions the past few weeks. You know how they say you feel invincible when you're young and that's how bad things happen? Yeah I've been pushing those boundaries and tempting fate a bit too much. I'd like to think that it has just been because I've been on break from school. Now that it has started again I'll get my act together....I hope.

The day after the Brad Paisley concert Sarah, Victoria, me, and the guys headed up north. 
It takes about an hour and a half to get there so us girls jammed the whole way up.
It was the perfect beginning to the ridiculous night we got ourselves into.

We arrived at the cabin at around 7.
By 7:30, the guys had the chili started, Connor had made and delivered us some drinks, and we got to watch it all happen while sitting comfortably on the couch. It is a great time to be a woman! The guys left to go on a quick snowmobile ride and we took advantage of our girl time. After chugging a few drinks, taking a couple shots, dancing our ass' off to music, and making sure we did our job of "stirring" the chili the guys came back to three drunk girls ready for a good time.

The guys joined in on our drinking, but there was no way that were drinking to get on our level.
We made the dumb decision to jump on the snowmobiles with the guys and let them drive us around.
Connor was so mean to us! 
We all almost died while attempting to hold on for dear life while riding those things.
I would not suggest going on a snowmobile while drunk, unless you have a nice driver driving you. 
Thank goodness that Doug's parent's cabin is on a ton of land and the only people we could harm were ourselves. 

After our snowmobile adventures we continued to do ridiculous things at the cabin. I learned that I am not very good at putting my nursing skills to use when I am drunk. That would explain why Sarah ended up falling into a shower and then proceeding to puke on me while lifting her out of the shower. Someone also got annoyed with having to wear clothes and proceeded to flash everyone. I won't name names... haha

We all survived the night and the majority of us woke up with our dignity still in tact. Sarah and Victoria were like annoying children the next morning. They woke Andy and I up and crawled into our bed. The guys made breakfast and we lounged on the couch and swapped stories about the previous night. When we weren't relaxing on the couch, we were hitting up the trails on snowmobiles and the ranger.

It was another great weekend with the crew! No one died or sustained any major injuries. We made a lot of memories that will be included in many stories in the future!

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