Saturday, February 7, 2015


Thursday night Liv, Victoria, and I headed to Milwaukee. Victoria went to UWM last year and one of Liv's best guy friends goes to school there. We decided to spend the night at Lucas'(Liv's friend). On our way down, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, witnessed a guy get cut off by another car and hit a wall, and Liv almost got hit when she was backing out of a parking spot. What a great way to start the night!
We had a group to pregame with at Lucas' house. After a drinking game, a jam session with a ukulele, a few drunk story swaps, and a couple shots we were drunk. 

We brought two bottles of alcohol and only had one left when we walked over to Clair's house.
We joined in on their drinking game, danced, and somehow Victoria managed to punch me.
The whole story surrounding that incident is a little blurry, but I know it happened, because I have videos about me complaining about it. What a good time.

At 1am we decided to head back to Lucas' house, except when we arrived, all of the doors were locked. The guys decided to go bar hopping and locked the doors on us!
We had to walk all the way back to Clair's in the freezing cold.
In the meantime, Victoria let Clair give her a tattoo with ink and a sewing needle.
I made the smart drunk decision not to get a tattoo. 

After promising us pizza, Clair and Ryan decided to walk to Qdoba instead.
That was a real let least it was at the time.
We somehow made it back to Lucas' house.
All three of us slept on his couch.
I'm not sure how we managed to drink two bottles of alcohol and take multiple shots of Bacardi without dying, but we all survived with no one getting sick!

The next morning Liv had us up at 7am.
That girl does not like sleeping in after a night of drinking!
I pretty much wanted to kill her.
After we pulled ourselves together, we headed to the Mitchell Park Conservatory a.k.a The Domes.
I guess it was worth the $5 if you're ever in Milwaukee. 
If anything you can get some cool pictures and learn some new things about nature.

Victoria was in charge of directions and told Liv to take a right onto a one way street.
They didn't even notice until I calmly informed them...
On our way home, we stopped at Harrington Beach State Park.
You could literally walk on frozen waves!
The picture I have doesn't even show how huge some of these waves are.
I've walked on frozen water before, but knowing that this massive ice formation literally froze in action is cool.

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