Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My lesbian lovers

I feel like I talk about my best friends a lot, but I have been blessed with so many amazing girls(now women) in my life! I feel bad for those girls that mention how they only like having guy friends for one reason or another. Guy friends are great, but I think that those girls just haven't found an amazing group of female friends. 

Victoria and I joke around about how we would be a perfect lesbian couple, unfortunately we like guys. Andy has even admitted that he feels like he's dating two girls, because we are always together. He even told Victoria that he knows that I love her more than him. Patience Andy! She has 15 years on your 8 months. 
My old roommate Shandell and I would joke about the same thing!
My friend Sarah and I have been mistaken for lesbians and have even used it to get away from creepy guys.
The best kind of friends are the ones that make people question your sexuality.
That is how you know your close with your gal pals!

Find a friend to be your fake lesbian lover!

Share your secrets, express your concerns, hug/cuddle the shit out of each other, and never forget that being called a lesbian is a compliment! 

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