Monday, March 30, 2015


When I had lunch with my 13 year old cousin a few weeks ago she mentioned that she liked listening to "old school" bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and she's also been listening to Avril Lavigne. Sweetheart, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance formed in 2001 and my girl Avril hit the scene in 1999! That means they are practically still practicing in their parent's garages hoping to make it big. Holy shit...2001 was 14 years ago...and 1999 was...never mind about that.When did that happen? I remember watching their music videos late at night with my friend Shannon, because we didn't have lives on the weekends back in the day. Eww...did I just type "back in the day" to reference a part of my life? Excuse me while I go apply anti-aging creme and yell at the neighbor kids to get off of my lawn. So thank you cousin for taking me down memory lane! All of these 2000s era bands have returned to my iTunes. They have been missed. This playlist is in honor of all the emo kids that were inspired by these bands and their lyrics. The early 2000s were a great time to fan girl over cute lead singers.

    1. I Miss You- Blink 182
    2. Stacy's Mom- Fountains of Wayne
    3. Sugar, We're Going Down- Fall Out Boy
    4. Miserable at Best- Mayday Parade
    5. Face Down- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    6. Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade
    7. I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
    8. Welcome to My Life- Simple Plan
    9. Absolutely (Story of A Girl)- Nine Days
    10. Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
    11. The Geeks Get the Girls- American Hi-Fi
    12. Sk8er Boi- Avril Lavigne 
    13. Unwell- Matchbox 20
    14. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

It was so hard to not make this list huge and I had to really narrow it down, but hopefully you're inspired to look up your favorite bands from back in the day (which includes the early 2000's apparently). 

Friday, March 27, 2015


Do you ever have an intense desire to be part of a time that you didn't exist in? For example, a decade that you wish you could have experienced, but you were not alive during. When I look at old pictures of my family I feel that desire. I want to know those people in that picture. Yes, I know that I do know those people, but I want to know the people they were when that photograph was taken. People are constantly changing and the person they were a year ago(or longer) might not truly be the person they are now. 

With the passing of my grandmother came old pictures and stories to accompany them. My grandmother was my age when the picture below was taken. She had just gotten married and was about to depart on her honey moon. I want to know what she was like before she knew what life had in store and the world was waiting for her to conquer it. She didn't know that she would have 10 children, but have to bury three in her lifetime. She didn't know she would be widowed at 55 and left with a farm close to bankruptcy. She didn't know that Alzheimer's disease would take her memory and eventually lead to her death. 
The only thing this girl in this picture knew was that she just married the man of her dreams and was looking forward to a lifetime of memories with him.

She didn't know that 66 years later she would have a granddaughter that wants to know everything about her, but all she has is old pictures, stories told by others, and a few amazing memories of her own.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pay It Forward

My roommate has decided to try to be a vegetarian...again.
She has been good for about a week, but then this conversation occurred...

I really try to be supportive of whatever new thing she wants to do, but I love steak and hamburgers and chicken! Yummy.
I wonder how much longer this will last.
On night, Victoria and I decided we were too tired to clean, but had enough energy to run to the grocery store for ice cream. We really know how to prioritize the important things in life. We were behind an older lady at the check-out and she told the cashier to put our ice cream on her bill! At first, we were completely against it and insisted on paying for our Ben and Jerry's ourselves, but she would not stop insisting and just said to "pay it forward."

I've paid for people behind me in the Starbucks line before, but I've never had a stranger pay for my stuff! It made our nights! I am definitely going to be paying it forward more often.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Black eyes and eyebrow tweezing

I have officially been accepted into my colleges nursing program for Fall of 2015. 
I've been on the wait list since the end of August.
I should be really excited, but I'm kind of nervous.
I didn't mind not knowing when I would officially start, because it made me feel like I had all the time in the world to goof off and enjoy myself.
If all goes as planned I should be graduating as a nurse in the spring of 2017.
This whole growing up ordeal is really starting to become more real...

That means I have five months of fun left, before I enter the dreaded thing called nursing school.
I complained about pre-nursing school so I can only imagine how much I'm going to enjoy actual nursing school. Two years of hell are in my future!

Back to having fun, my boyfriend is house sitting his Dad's house for the week!
He had a party on Friday night and we had another strange night.
Andy's step-mom was Victoria and Clair's math teacher in high school.
So they really enjoyed partying in her house!

I plucked Andy's eyebrows and Victoria decided to go after Connors.
Victoria and Clair punched each other leading to black eyes the next morning for both of them.
Victoria continued her tradition of peeing outside, because she is a feminist and can do everything guys can do.
Whitney actually joined us and brought her new boyfriend!
Clair spent the entire next day puking...

I plan on printing off my blog one day and I feel like I won't want me kids to get their hands on them...

I only studied in college!
No time for partying or boys!


This lovely conversations occured while I was working at Pizza Ranch. In Green Bay, you can't smoke in any restaurant. I don't even know why this conversation occured.

Customer: Do you have an ashtray? I would like to smoke in here.
Customer: Are you from the east side?
Me: Yes.
Customer: I could tell. You have that east side white girl attitude.

Apparently, there is a difference between east side and west side girls in the BIG town of Green Bay.

My boss and manager are on to me...

Lori: Have you been losing weight?
Me: No, I don't think so.
Lori: Maybe, it's the liquid diet I've noticed you've been on.
Me: Liquid diet?
Lori: I creep on Facebook! I know all about you.
Amanda: I thought since you went to NEW(my old high school) that you were a little quiet good girl. I think I might have been wrong. There is a side of you that I have never seen, but that I like.
(5 minutes later)
Lori: I'm giving you a raise.

I actually got a raise that day! It was my second one in two weeks.
Just a casual way to explain how you know about something...

Victoria: When I was getting arrested for shop lifting I asked a cop about that.

Just to clarify she has since given up her shoplifting activity, because no one wants to be in Walmart jail.

Things you overhear at a showing for Fifty Shades of Grey

Sue: Ain't no way I would let a man tie me up! I'd tie him up though.

Fun fact: There was a Pure Romance table set up at the movie theater when Victoria and I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey. I guess it's a good marketing ploy...

Reason #1 not to let a kid get a does make for a funny story.

Victoria: So what tattoos do you have?
Anna: You can't judge me if I tell you! I got it when I was fourteen...and I got my name tattooed on my ankle. I didn't know what I wanted and my sister convinced me to do it!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miss Representation

One of my favorite documentaries that I have watched so far is called Miss Representation(you can find it on Netflix). It was mainly about how women are represented in the media.

It just really spoke to me and of course my feminist self was just soaking up everything they were saying! I must admit documentaries are my weakness.

One of the main points was about how women and their bodies/sexuality are used to sell products.  My favorite quote about the subject was, "We need to challenge the media conglomerates to value women for more than their youth, beauty, and sexuality, and we must hold these companies accountable." -Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Amen! Why have we allowed this to occur? Turn on the TV and you are bound to find a half naked women being used to sell products to men, but at the same time we are calling these women derogatory names for doing this! Society is so messed up.

Another topic this documentary covered was the lack of women in leadership roles. Male politicians are trying to make laws regarding female bodies that they really have no idea about! My favorite quote about that is, "97% of everything you know about yourself and about your country and your world comes from the male perspective. It doesn't mean that it's wrong. It just means that in a democracy where you talk about equality and full participation, you've got half of the population, more than HALF of the population, not participating." Women make up 51% of society. Why are we allowing men to make important decisions for us? We need to start voicing our opinions.

I highly encourage both male and females to watch this documentary! I know feminism is often looked at in a negative light. As a female that grew up in the christian church, I know first hand how women have been taught to take the back seat on issues and let men handle things. It doesn't hurt to hear other peoples perspectives though!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Facials and Lunch dates

I nanny two little girls, who happen to be neighbors, and I've really clicked with Sam's mom! I always look forward to her coming home after work, because we have really good conversation in between her arriving and me leaving. We have wanted to hang out without the interruption of kids needing homework help and dinner needing to be made. Brittney was having a facial party one Saturday and she invited Victoria and I. We drank way to many mimosas before noon and had a lot of good laughs! Ilia's mom(the other little girl I watch) joined in on the fun and it was nice seeing her putting back mimosa's and not being in mom mode. There may be a ten year age difference, between Brittney's friends and us, but it didn't feel that way. It's probably not normal to drink with the babysitter, but I'm not complaining.

Afterwards, I went home to take a much needed nap! I had late lunch/early dinner plans with my cousin. I have a desire to really get to know my extended family and have mainly focused on my older cousins and aunts. So I decided to reach out to my 13 year old cousin Jonna. She's got the hipster dress, listening to old school bands, love to read thing going on. We had lunch at Kavarna, which is a place that she has never been to before, which surprised me! I then remembered that she was 13 and probably didn't go for random lunch/study dates with friends, because she can't drive yet. She was so nervous! It was cute.
She even gave me a shout out on facebook and called me her favorite cousin afterwards!
I kind of feel bad for never really trying to connect with her before.
I know that I would have loved for my older cousins to reach out to me.
Another successful lunch with another family member!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chili Cook-Off

My boyfriend had a work party/chili cook-off at a local bar last weekend.
He works with my friends mom, Denise.
When did I get old enough to work with my friend's moms co-worker?
Any way, Denise and Kurt are the parent's that like to party.
Kurt loves Victoria and I so we both showed up with Andy!

Andy ended up getting called into work, but Victoria and I stayed.
We actually stayed sober!
We decided that we can have fun without alcohol.
We danced, watched people sing karaoke, and ended up being the designated drivers for Kurt and Denise.

It was a good time!
My dad even showed up to eat some chili and hang out with Kurt and Denise.

Good times were had by all sober...and not sober. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

House Sitting

Look at what cute house/cat sitters we are?
My cousin Jill asked me to watch her cats for a few days while her and her family went out of town.
She lives out in the country and I didn't want to be alone! 
Victoria beat out Andy, because he was working nights that week. Night time was the only time it was scary there!
We arrived on Tuesday and I spent all my time either cooking for Victoria or studying for my exam that was on Thursday.
We didn't get any picture of our first few days, because nothing real eventful happened.
On the first day, Victoria decided to take a bath in their Whirlpool. While it was filling up and we were in the kitchen, we heard a loud water related sound. We went running into the room only to find that the jets were going crazy and hitting the wall/book case. I went running to save the books and Victoria went towards the source of the water problem. It ended with us finding out that one of the cats jumped up on the tube and hit a button on the remote setting the jets off. There was probably close to 1/2 inch of water on the floor and none of the books were permanently damaged!

During one of my late night study breaks, Victoria and Selner were downstairs playing pool. I decided to join in, but instead I found the families Rollerblades! I use to be good at rollerblading, but I haven't worn a pair in 10 years. I convinced Victoria and Selner to join in on the fun. It made for some great snap chats! I'm sure people that suck at rollerblading shouldn't be doing it on concrete basements floors without helmets, but we survived! 

Thursday night my friend Elisebeth planned a mini-reunion for some girls that we graduated high school with. The original plan was for me to host at my house, but since I was house sitting we moved the get together to my cousins house.

Last time I house sat, I planned a small girls night that turned into a great, but very drunk time.
I decided to just buy a bottle of wine to keep things sober-ish. 
Before everyone arrived, we decided to just have one drink made with southern comfort.
I just didn't want to risk anything happening, because I got lucky last time that nothing got trashed. 
Of course, when Victoria and I drink together we like to keep the good times rolling.

So the night didn't end with just wine being drank.
I found rollerblades that I literally wore for hours.
I cooked hamburgers while hammered in rollerblades.
It made for a lot of great snapchats, which is why I only have these pictures to add to this post.

I'm pretty much a pro at rollerblading now!
My hips only hurt for two days afterwards.
After the sober guests left it was just Victoria, Sydney and I.
The night just got more humorous/ridiculous with just us three.
Definitely one of those nights that can only be blamed on us being college students.

So why do people let me house sit?
I have no clue.
Probably because I leave their house looking spotless when they return and they have no idea what went on.
Good ole' college days.

Lessons learned:
  1. Rollerblading probably shouldn't occur when drunk.
  2. Never let college students house sit...except I'll probably let college students house sit in the future. I'm not good at learning lessons.
  3. Always replace alcohol! Victoria and I made sure we replaced all of my cousins alcohol, before she returned. Responsibility at its finest.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


"I'd rather be fishing think about God than in church thinking about fishing."

Fishing is not my idea of fun, but this quote really hit home for me.
Church has never been my safe haven.
I'm often jealous of people that feel like they belong at church, because I have never felt that belonging. It could be because of the situations I have found myself in within the church or maybe I just haven't found "my" church. 
So called "Christians" have often ridiculed my decision to step away from the church, which in a way has pushed me farther away from it. Going to church doesn't make a person more holy, nor does it give you any right to decide that I am lost sheep who needs saving, because I don't attend one.

"It feels like a big bait-and-switch sucker-deal; advertising a "Come as You Are" party, but letting us know once we're in the door that we can't really come as we are. We see a Jesus in the Bible who hung out with lowlifes and prostitutes and outcasts, and loved them right there, but that doesn't seem to be your cup of tea. Church, can you love us if we don't check all of the doctrinal boxes and don't have our theology all figured out? It doesn't seem so. Can you love us if we cuss and drink and get tattoos, and God forbid, vote Democrat? We're doubtful. Can you love us if we're not sure how we define love, and marriage, and Heaven, and Hell? It sure doesn't feel that way. From what we know about Jesus, we think he looks like love. The unfortunate thing is, you don't look much like him. That's part of the reason people are leaving the church." - John Pavlovitz

So if I don't attend church how can I possibly feel close to Christ?
I explore the world and continue to be amazed how my God created it all.
I have deep conversations with people of all walks of life about God, religion, ideas, and discoveries.
I would love to hear your story about how God has changed your life and how church is your place to worship! I just wish you would be as open to hear about how God has blessed my life as a non-church goer. I even would love to hear about your life as a nonbeliever!

Will I ever return to the church setting? Maybe. 
Right now I'm enjoying growing in my faith in another way.