Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chili Cook-Off

My boyfriend had a work party/chili cook-off at a local bar last weekend.
He works with my friends mom, Denise.
When did I get old enough to work with my friend's moms co-worker?
Any way, Denise and Kurt are the parent's that like to party.
Kurt loves Victoria and I so we both showed up with Andy!

Andy ended up getting called into work, but Victoria and I stayed.
We actually stayed sober!
We decided that we can have fun without alcohol.
We danced, watched people sing karaoke, and ended up being the designated drivers for Kurt and Denise.

It was a good time!
My dad even showed up to eat some chili and hang out with Kurt and Denise.

Good times were had by all sober...and not sober. 

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